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Fleet Vehicle Fuel Card

TRU Procurement Services manage a Provincial Program for the University intended to capture fuel usage and calculate carbon offsets.

The Fuel Card Program is built around a fuel card issued to each fleet vehicle at TRU. All fleet vehicles are issued a card to enable the vehicle to be fueled at local gas stations, obtain discounted fuel prices, and capture fuel usage.

The fuel usage is used by TRU and the Province to calculate and ensure sufficient carbon offsets are in place and sustainability initiatives are supported.

To apply for a Fleet Fuel card please complete the Fuel Card Application and send to Procurement Services for processing. The Office Administrator detailed on the application form is responsible for ensuring all drivers within their department keep receipts for refueling and the Vehicle Log Book is updated. It may be advisable to keep receipts centrally within your department to ensure easy retrieval when required and for matching purposes.

A monthly statement will be supplied by Procurement Services to the Office Administrator to detail the charges and should be reveiwed for accuracy.

Gas stations offer discounts on fuels when the 'blue card' is used at the gas pump or kiosk.

Highest DiscountMid DiscountLow Discount
Domo Gas Husky Oil LeGroupe Harnois
Hawkins Petro Ultramar Petro Canada
Petro Dupont Irving Oil Carswell's Auto
Tilson Fuels Canadian Tire UCO Petroleum/UPI Energy
Auto Tec Oil Shell Oil Wilson Fuels
GTI Petroleum Mr. GAS  
FASTGAS Chevron  
Greg's Fuels Seven Eleven  
Gas King Oil Imperial Oil  
Petro Therrien Harvest Fuel  
UFA Coop Sunoco Oil  
W.O. Stinson Petroles Crev  
MacEwan Petroleum Sonic  
Drummond Gas Action Super  

PIN Number

The 'blue card' is protected by a PIN number that must be keyed into the pump or kiosk payment machine by the card holder.

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