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Competitive Bid Process


Expected Time Line for Average Process

Once the department has drafted the bid document and sent in a Web Requisition, Procurement Services will do a final review and will be ready to post on BC Bid. The timelines for posting an average bid is given as an indication. Complexity of bid may require posting for longer periods to ensure adequate bid submissions are received from potential vendors.

Process Minimum days from issue Example of dates
Issue Date (posted to BC Bid) 0 days November 1, 2013
Site visit (if required) 7 days November 8, 2013
Receipt Confirmation 14 days November 15, 2013
Close of Questions 14 days November 15, 2013
Close of Competitive Bid 21 days November 22, 2013 (2 pm PST, Tues/Wed/Thur preferred)
Evaluation sent to Committee 22 days November 23, 2013

From working on the documents to close of award any contact with potential bidders shall be through Procurement Services to ensure a fair and transparent process and to conform to Canadian Bid Law and good business practices.

Once the competitive bid has closed Procurement Services will step you through the process of evaluation, recommendation on award, legal review (if required) and the award process. This process can take a considerable time (2-10 weeks on average) so please allow sufficient time for the complete process before you need the work to commence.

Aggregate Purchase Thresholds

Under $1,500 P Card or Cheque Requisition - Finance
Over $1,500 - $10,000 One Vendor Quote and Web Requisition
Over $10,000 - $30,000 Three Vendor Quotes and Web Requisition
Over $30,000 Competitive Bid and Web Requisition
  • Thresholds are at the discretion of Procurement Services
  • Every purchase must have appropriate documentation, spend authority, and be in accordance with TRU Policies.

See Bids and Proposals for more information.

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