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Bids and Proposals

When a need for goods or services arises, the Procurement Department develops specifications for that need and issues either a Request for Bid (RFB) or a Request for Proposal (RFP). The document is posted on BC Bid. The RFB/RFP includes all the information a vendor should need in order to develop a bid submission. Response date and time are given in the document.

It is important that you read the entire bid document carefully in order to know exactly what will be expected of you should you be awarded the purchase or contract.

TRU has the right to accept or reject any or all bids, in whole or in part and is not bound to accept the lowest bid if that bid is not in the best interest of TRU. A bid may be rejected if it is in any way incomplete or irregular.

Competitive Bids Criteria

Bid Opportunities: TRU is committed to obtaining best value for the University by competitively bidding large and /or complex purchases on BC Bid.

Vendors are encouraged to register or visit BC Bid to view current projects and offer submissions on commodities that may be of interest. Vendors registering on BC Bid will receive an automatic notification from the system when a bid is posted that may be of interest.

Bid Closing: All competitive bids close at 2 p.m. (14:00 hours PST). Check the bid documents to verify closing time, date and location so you do not miss offering a submission.

Submission Copies: Each bid will detail the number of submissions (copies) required. Generally TRU require one hard copy and one electronic copy of your bid submission for environmental reasons. Please check your individual bid document for clarification.

Sealed Bids: All bid submissions must be received sealed and will be date stamped by the official Procurements Services office clock timer and held secure until the official opening time.

Late Bid Submissions: Bid submissions received after the official closing time and date are not accepted. They will be returned unopened to the vendor or delivery person.

Bid Compliance: your bid submission will be reviewed for compliance with the mandatory requirements detailed within the competitive bid. Any mandatory requirement not met will no be considered further. A non-compliance letter will be sent to the vendor stating the reason for non-compliance.

Full Committee Evaluation: All compliant bid submissions are sent to an evaluation committee for review against the bid document specifications and requirements. The committee will allocate scores based on the bid submissions response to the competitive bid document specifications and any evaluation criteria.

Shortlisted Submissions: In some competitive bids TRU will form a shortlist of vendors. They will proceed to further evaluation which may include vendor presentations, demonstrations, clarification, or further review of submissions by the committee or other internal stakeholders.

Purchase Order: Once the contract is completed TRU will issue a Purchase Order to the vendor. This signed Purchase Order gives approval for the vendor to commence work.

Invoicing: Upon completion of the work or at an agreed payment point the vendor will submit an invoice to the department representative for approval. The invoice MUST include the Purchase Order number clearly printed on the invoice to speed payment. The invoice is approved by the department representative for payment and sent to Finance for payment. TRU payment terms are NET 30 days.

Contact with TRU

Vendors must be aware that during the competitive process they must not contact any employee of TRU with the exception of Procurement Services.

This is to ensure the competitive process is not compromised in any way and the process is open, and fair to all.

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