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Thompson Rivers University

Disposal of Goods

In every business or institution, machinery, equipment and materials can become obsolete, surplus or worn out. At TRU, the identification of disposal equipment and materials is undertaken by every TRU department on a regular basis. The actual disposal of such equipment is the responsibility of Procurement Services.

There are several ways to dispose of equipment. If replacement equipment is to be purchased, every effort should be made to obtain a reasonable trade-in-allowance for the old equipment. In this case, Procurement Services would negotiate with the vendors interested in supplying the replacement equipment.

The department will fill out a Disposal of Obsolete & Surplus Goods Form and send it to Procurement Services. The Procurement Manager will then use the following procedure to dispose of the unwanted equipment or materials:

  1. Re-Use within TRU
  2. Post the item for sale by public advertisement 
  3. Offer the item to other Educational Institutions
  4. Donate to charity
  5. Dispose environmentally
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