Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Strategic Priorities Advisory Committee

The Strategic Priorities Advisory Committee will help oversee the Strategic Priorities consultation process, review the input generated from consultation, discuss and prioritize the themes that emerge, and use them to build the new Strategies Priorities that we will support and advance over the next five years.

This committee reflects our diverse student, faculty, alumni, staff, and community populations. We have asked each member of the Committee to see herself or himself not as a representative or advocate for particular program, faculty, or concept but instead, as an advocate for Thompson Rivers University as a whole, across all programs, faculties, locations and modes of delivery.


  • Co-chairs: Alan Shaver and Katherine Sutherland
  • Students: Lingna Cai, Tracy Davison, Sarbjit Gill, Alina Morrissey, Jeremiah Reid, Dylan Robinson, Liam Russell, Daniel Sonnenberg, Elizabeth Whiting, Hayfaa Golapkhan
  • Faculty: John Belshaw, Nancy Bepple, Kellee Caton, Ruby Dhand, Robert Higgins, Karl Hutchings, Ehsan Latif, Roy Lochhead, Jack Miller, Michelle Seibel, Melissa Svendsen
  • Dean: Tom Dickinson
  • Staff: Jane Bryson, Baihua Chadwick, Brian Mackay, Sukh Matonovich, Heather Wisla
  • Alumna: Jo-Ann Fox
  • Community: Jann Bailey, Deb Draney, Niki Remesz
  • Resources: Lucille Gnanasihamany, Yael La Rose
  • Observers: Nathan Matthew, Matt Milovick
  • Administrative Support: Brenda Kiland