Membership Roster

All terms are for three years, apart from the Open Learning student which is for one year.

ConstituencyMemberTerm Ends
Chair Christine Bovis-Cnossen, Provost & Vice President, Academic On-going
Deans (2) Vacant December 2021
Richard McCutcheon December 2021
Officers of the university (2) Donald Poirier On-going
John Sparks December 2021
Faculty Senators (2) Lyn Baldwin February 2022
Sheila Blackstock February 2023
Teaching Staff Open Learning (2) John Patterson December 2023
Gordon Rudolph December 2023
Member of universities under the University Act and the Royal Roads University Act (2) Michelle Lamberson, University of British Columbia December 2020
Maureen Wideman, University of the Fraser Valley December 2022
Member of institutions under the College and Institute Act (2) Brian Chapell, Douglas College February 2023
Tannis Morgan, Justice Institute of British Columbia August 2021
Open Learning Division Student (1) Michael Cupello August 2021
Alumni Member (1) Vacant November 2017
Additional Members (2) Brian Lamb December 2021
Vacant December 2018
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