PHP Executive Committee

The conference is brought together by a team of volunteer students along with the guidance and support of two faculty members.

2021 PHP Conference Organizing Committee
  • Kristen Jacobsen - Chair and Internal Promotions Coordinator
  • Julye-Anne McKenny - Vice Chair and Secretary
  • Nahian Adiba - Treasurer and External Promotions Coordinator
  • Angelina Hubert - Fundraising and Events Coordinator and Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Shreya Desai - Fundraising and Events Coordinator and Creative Designer
  • Shannon Lopes - Merchandise Coordinator
  • Wes Furlotte- Faculty Advisor
  • Jenny Shaw- Faculty Advisor

Applications to be on the PHP Conference Committee for the 2021/22 school year have now closed. We hope you will consider applying to join us next spring, or sending us an email at if you would like to help out on a more casual basis!

Job Descriptions