PHP Executive Committee

The conference is brought together by a team of volunteer students along with the guidance and support of two faculty members. 
Any questions or inquiries for the committee can be directed to:

    We are currently filling spots on the 2010 Committee. Learn more about how to apply and the available positions below.

    To apply, simply email a statement of intent and your top 3 position choices to by Friday, March 22nd, 2019. If you have any special skills or connections that would make you a great fit for one of the positions in particular, feel free to add a note!

    Chair (*filled): The Chair’s main duties are to undertake and/or delegate ALL tasks to appropriate committee members. They are to ensure that there is a time-completion schedule so that all members can see what needs to be done. They also need to find External and Internal Keynote speakers and organize gifts for the speakers. Additionally, the Chair will assist Fundraising and Events with finding venues and caterers for the External Keynote, Wine & Cheese reception, and the banquet. Together, the Chair and Vice Chair will create the final panel schedule after input from the committee on panel groupings has been collected. Above all, the Chair ensures the conference runs smoothly.

    Vice Chair / Secretary: Vice Chair acts as support for and works closely with the Chair. They will help ensure the conference planning is on schedule. They will also help with tying up any loose ends and helping out other committee members as needed. They will schedule meetings and book meeting rooms, if necessary. They will keep detailed minutes of every meeting and ensure that all committee members receive meeting notes in a timely fashion. The Secretary will also be responsible for managing PHP email communications. This position requires excellent organizational and written communication skills. Together, the Chair and Vice Chair will create the final panel schedule after input from the committee on panel groupings has been collected.

    Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the Conference budget. They will oversee all expenditures, ensure that all financial records are meticulously kept, and organize and issue receipts for the conference and fundraising activities. The Treasurer will become a co-signer for the PHP bank accounts and will be responsible for paying caterers, venues etc. promptly. The Treasurer must circulate an updated budget on a monthly basis. They are responsible for applying for TRUSU funding and submitting final receipts to TRUSU for reimbursement following the conference. The Treasurer will work closely with the Fundraising and Events Directors and the Chair. The Treasurer must be confident in their numeracy skills, have familiarity with Excel, and be very well organized.

    Creative Director/Social Media Coordinator: The Creative Director creates and produces all promotional material for the conference including: posters, call-for-papers, power-points, tickets, merchandise, logos, etc. They must also produce the conference certificates, program and name tags, as well as maintain the website (following the training with IT Services). The Creative Director will also post their creations to social media. An eye for marketing is particularly valuable in this position, as the Creative Director must create eye-catching designs in a timely fashion.

    Internal Promotions: Promotes the conference and all conference fundraisers, and contact local media sources to inform them of the conference and fundraisers. They will be responsible for all promotions within TRU, coordinating classroom visits, distributing flyers/pamphlets, etc. to promote PHP.

    External Promotions: External Promotions consists mostly of contacting the PHP departments of other universities across Canada and in the Northwestern United States to inform them of the conference dates and call for papers. As well, they should work to develop and maintain contacts at these other universities (“ambassadors”) to assist with promoting the conference. External Promotions will respond to external student inquiries via the PHP Gmail account. The bulk of External Promotions’ work occurs in early fall; therefore, they will assist with the Internal Promotions position as needed. As the main contact and familiar name to the out-of-town presenters, this person will also run campus tours during the conference for those who may not know their way around.

    Fundraising and Events: Two students will work together to organize the fundraising activities throughout the year. In the past, these have included the beer conference, trivia night, Wine & Cheese reception, banquet, bake sales, book sales, pub nights, and promotional table at the back to school BBQ. Fundraising and Events will also organize volunteers for events and for the conference as needed.

    Merchandise and Sponsorship: The Merchandise Director is in charge of assessing our past year’s inventory of merchandise, determining if more needs to be ordered in order to fill the presenters’ swag bags, and placing those orders. They also canvas for any kind of donation or sponsorship to the conference from businesses, in the form of both financial and material donations.

    2019 PHP Conference Organizing Committee

  • Abby Dunlop - Chair
  • Shawna-Rae McLean - Vice Chair
  • Tim Burris- Treasurer
  • Kristen Jacobsen- Fundraising & Events
  • Aria Marta Kornas- Internal Communications
  • Benjamin Matthews- External Communications
  • Yuexi Mao - Sponsorship
  • Dr. Robert Hanlon- Faculty Advisor
  • Dr. Annie St. John-Stark- Faculty Advisor