PHP Executive Committee

The conference is brought together by a team of volunteer students along with the guidance and support of two faculty members.

Thank you so much to everyone who applied to be on our 2023 team! After we finalize the positions, we will release the list here and introduce you to everyone on our Instagram. We can't wait to get started!

Job Descriptions

  • Chair/Co-Chair Job Description
  • Secretary Job Description
  • Treasurer/Financial Coordinator Job Description
  • Internal Promotions Coordinator Job Description
  • External Promotions Coordinator Job Description
  • Fundraising & Events Coordinator Job Description
  • Merchandise & Sponsorship Coordinator Job Description
  • Creative Designer Job Description

    Why Apply?

    • Being on the committee (regardless of position) means that you will be an integral part in making decisions that help this conference continue to happen!
    • It is an opportunity to connect with other students and faculty members in the program, and in some cases even with students from schools across Canada!
    • Being part of organizing a conference like this is a great addition to a resume or CV, as it shows passion and commitment to the material and/or the skills required
    • Planning this conference will help you advance many existing skills, such as decision making (sometimes under pressure), organization and staying on top of your tasks, communicating professionally, finding creative solutions to problems, and more!
    • The conference can present PHP students with a lot of networking opportunities, and this opportunity is made even better with the exclusive perks of being on the committee (eg. personally connecting with the conference's keynote speaker)

    For any questions about the committee, the planning process and/or the application, please feel free to email us at or contact any of our committee members from the 2022 conference committee!

    • Kristen Jacobsen - Conference Chair
    • Julye-Anne McKenny - Vice Chair and Secretary
    • Brendan Coulter - Internal Promotions Coordinateor
    • Angelina Hubert - Fundraising and Events Coordinator and Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Shreya Desai - Fundraising and Events Coordinator and Creative Designer
    • Shannon Lopes - Merchandise Coordinator
    • Wes Furlotte- Faculty Advisor
    • Jenny Shaw- Faculty Advisor