Keynote Speaker Biographies

Our keynote speakers this year are Thompson Rivers University's Derek Cook and University of Ottawa's Jason Millar. We look forward to their interesting and thought-provoking speeches. The External Keynote will be held in the BC Centre in the House of Learning at TRU on January 21st, 2022 at 7:00pm, and the Internal Keynote will be held at our conference banquet on Saturday, January 22nd at 6:00pm.

Internal Keynote: Derek Cook

Derek Cook is an assistant teaching professor who has taught all areas of political science at TRU since 1988. His research specialties are analytical political theory and applied psychoanalysis. He is an observant professor that encourages critical thinking in students by engaging closely with rich, primary source, political science texts. His most recent publication is “Recovering The Unconscious ” for the article “CHANNELING HATE: BELIEF SYSTEM FACILITATION OF EGO-DEFENSE MECHANISMS IN THE 1935 RISE OF SOCIAL CREDIT IN ALBERTA.”

External Keynote: Jason Millar

Jason Millar holds the Canada Research Chair in the Ethical Engineering of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and works in the Philosophy and Computer Science Departments at the University of Ottawa. He researches the ethical engineering of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), with a focus on empowering engineers to integrate ethical thinking into their daily engineering workflow. Jason’s work focuses primarily on the ethics, policy and engineering of automated vehicles, artificial intelligence, healthcare robotics, social and military robotics.

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