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Premium Parking Applications


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Winter 2018

Fall semester parking permits expire Dec. 31. If you are interested in Premium or Gated Premium parking for winter semester, there are stalls available in the following lots:

  • Premium lots L2, S and T2
  • Gated premium lots A3 and L1

Premium permits are $283 a semester ($850 a year) and gated premium permits are $317 a semester ($950 a year). Compared to a general permit, premium is an additional cost of $8.33 per month. See the parking rates page for details.

Premium and Gated Premium parking permits are for a stall in a specific lot. For example, if you purchase a premium permit for lot S, next to the Lepin Science and Health Sciences Building, your premium permit guarantees you a space in that lot. A premium permit is not valid in other TRU lots — only in the lot specified on the permit.

Instructions for students

  1. On Impark’s Find British Columbia Interior Parking page, click Learn More. The Lot Search page will open.
  2. In the Lot Search field, enter “Thompson Rivers University” and click the search icon. A list of our available lots will appear down the left side, with pins on the map.
  3. Scroll down the list to find the lot you want by letter code. Click Lot Details. (Lot L Details pages include both L1 and L2.)
  4. Confirm on the Lot Details page that the lot and permit you want is listed, such as L2 Premium (Jan-Apr). Click Buy Parking.
  5. Review the details on the Buy Parking page, and find the permit you want from the list at the bottom—look for “Jan-Apr” for winter semester. Click Select, and follow the instructions to purchase the permit.

Permits can be picked up at the Parking Office in the Bookstore at the Campus Activity Centre.

Instructions for staff and faculty

From the list below, find your choice(s) of lot and note payment type: “P/D” is payment by monthly payroll deduction (if eligible); otherwise payment in full is required. Be prepared with a second choice as some lots have limited availability.

Premium Lot Sign-up Code
L2 Premium – P/D, Jan-Apr A05E8C1990
L2 Premium, Jan-Apr 550B26A4EA
S Premium – P/D, Jan-Apr 6FF45FFC04
S Premium, Jan-Apr BADC465CEA
T2 Premium – P/D, Jan-Apr 7CEE2EAF8B
T2 Premium, Jan-Apr 2C37260EC3
Gated Premium Lot Sign-up Code
A3 Gated – P/D, Jan-Apr 32692713E
A3 Gated, Jan-Apr B4947AABB4
L1 Gated – P/D, Jan-Apr 9C5DF13D79
L1 Gated, Jan-Apr 2DA88E4BAB
  1. For your chosen lot and payment type, write down the sign-up code.
  2. Call the Kamloops Impark office at 250-372-0203 and identify yourself as a TRU employee. Or, go online to Impark’s Find British Columbia Interior Parking page and follow the student instructions above.
  3. Give Impark your lot choice and sign-up code, and Impark will confirm if space is available.
  4. Complete your purchase through Impark if paying in full. For payroll deduction, your “P/D” sign-up code will identify you as paying monthly to TRU, and our Payroll department will be advised of the deduction.

Permits can be picked up at the Parking Office in the Bookstore at the Campus Activity Centre.

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