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Newsroom Guide

TRU's main venue for news and events is our newsroom, InsideTRU, a robust WordPress blog which feeds content to many pages across the TRU website as well as populating e-newsletters, reports and other communication channels. Like TRU's other external-facing communications, the newsroom follows TRU Style and adheres to the editorial standards of our TRU Brand Guide. However, there are style, brand and usage standards that are specific to InsideTRU and the various uses of its content.

Use these guidelines to create content for InsideTRU that:

  • follows TRU Style in punctuation, capitalization, spelling etc.
  • follows newsroom standards for titles, excerpts, faculty introductions and other considerations
  • expresses the TRU brand in voice, tone and messaging
  • repurposes easily in other formats: TRU’s homepage, OneTRU, faculty and department blogs, MailPoet newsletters, President’s Reports, social media and other communications
  • uses WordPress categories, tags and other features effectively for sharing and reporting
  • appeals to and is inclusive of our diverse internal and external audiences

Our content is public

InsideTRU is a public-facing news venue as well as a communications tool for the campus community. Our posts on the newsroom reach both external and internal audiences, serving a variety of goals:

  • student recruitment
  • retention
  • alumni affinity
  • community outreach
  • internal communication
  • public relations

Even if your post is intended for an internal audience, such as a faculty newsfeed or MailPoet newsletter, be aware that all InsideTRU content is public. Regardless of what audience(s) you are targeting, your post needs to adhere to the TRU brand, TRU Style and our specific newsroom standards.

Expressing the TRU brand

The TRU brand has a unique personality based on our values and attitudes, with distinctive characteristics—our brand attributes—that we use to describe ourselves. Write in the brand voice and follow brand guidelines for tone to express that personality to our audiences, internal and external. Familiarize yourself with the key messages to ensure that whether you are writing about diverse learning paths, hands-on opportunities like co-op or undergraduate research, our faculty or our support services, you're telling TRU’s story consistently and authentically.

Style and standards

Whenever we write content for the newsroom, it is important that we maintain quality and consistency, for the effectiveness of our brand voice as well as for clarity and professionalism. Inconsistencies and errors will distract readers and undermine their confidence in the messages we wish to convey.

In addition to TRU Style, which guides our use of capitalization, punctuation and other issues of editorial style, InsideTRU has its own set of standards. These standards are crucial to our public representation of TRU, as well as the effectiveness of our content in its many uses beyond the blog itself.

This guide is based on the elements of a newsroom post—title, excerpt, lead, quotations, links, photos, etc. As you create your content, use this guide to check the standards affecting each element in your post.

Within the examples, look for words and phrases that are linked directly to the relevant section in TRU Style, or provide more info in a bolded  tool tip.

If you have a newsroom question not covered here, please email for assistance and to have your question added to this guide.