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How We Can Help You

How we work

Marketing & Communications works as an in-house agency through the application of strategic, creative marketing and communications—driven by great concepts, anchored by clear and accurate copy, enhanced by effective design and measured to assess impact and increase that impact, over time.

How we prioritize our work

We prioritize our work based on the following broad criteria and, if needed, in consultation with leaders of the areas requesting our assistance.

  1. Institutional over Individual Area importance: Projects that will have an impact on the university as a whole will be prioritized over those that will have an impact on specific, individual faculties, departments, divisions or committees.
  2. Alignment with University Strategic Priorities: Projects that align with one or several Strategic Priorities will be prioritized ahead of those that do not.
  3. Work that is Approved & Budgeted: All Work Requests, Project Briefs and Strategic Plans must be approved and budgeted prior to commencement of work.

Our services

Marketing & Communications offers a range of services to meet strategic goals. Our services include:

  • Consultation to clarify specific marketing and communications needs
  • Strategic planning for marketing and communications
  • Concept and campaign development including brainstorm facilitation
  • Graphic design for print, web, online and display applications
  • Writing for print, web, online and display applications
  • Media Relations
  • Photography

Here’s how we do so

  • Listening to your needs before we propose a solution – and proposing solutions that reflect our conversations
  • Collaborating with you to translate a proposed solution into effective creative concepts, copy and design
  • Evaluating what we do to determine what worked, and what could work better
  • Thinking ahead, to provide you with ideas on meeting your goals more effectively in the future, or setting new goals to pursue
  • Learning – constantly learning – about your area of expertise, about how other Canadian universities choose to meet the same challenges we are facing, about whether we can set new precedents that set TRU apart, and ahead, of other universities

Promoting programs

If you'd like help promoting your program, we'll ask you to do a few things first:

Once you've filled out the program questionnaire and have a completed student testimonial, attach those documents to a project request. Once we receive your project request, we will:

  • Work with you to make sure your program website is up to date and in an optimized format, so that students looking for information will find what they need
  • Work with you on a program sell sheet that you can take with you to career fairs and other events
  • Optional - Work with you on an advertising campaign to promote your program. 

*Note: As we will take a photograph of the student who provides a testimonial, it’s best to put us in touch with a student who you think will be comfortable in front of the camera. This student should be someone a future student could see themselves studying with. We are relying on your judgment that the students featured in photos and testimonials are good ambassadors for TRU.

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