TRU 50th Anniversary Mark and Usage Guidelines

TRU 50th Anniversary Mark

TRU’s 50th Anniversary Mark uses colour as a powerful visual tool to reflect TRU’s history, future, and diversity. It also communicates a sense of celebration. The various facets of colour are drawn from TRU’s current and historical brand colour palettes.

Current colour palette

The dark blue, cloud, teal, orange, yellow, sage and grey in TRU’s current palette were inspired by the natural beauty of our geographic region­—the blues, greys and greens of our mountains and rivers, the muted tones of sagebrush, our golden sunshine and our vivid sunsets.

Historical colour palettes

Between 1970 and 1989 there were several iterations of the Cariboo College logo. Most included some form of yellow and orange. Red and purple were widely used during the UCC years—1989 to 2004.

How do I use the 50th Anniversary Mark?

The Mark must always be used with the TRU logo. See usage details below.

When may I use the 50th Anniversary Mark?

You may use the Mark between October 2019 and December 2020. It will be retired at the end of 2020, so in the interest of sustainability, avoid using the Mark on any materials that will have a shelf life beyond December 2020. As an example, the Mark should not be used on stationery, promotional materials for programs or any initiatives that will continue beyond December 2020, permanent signage, or other materials that are intended to be used beyond December 2020.

Where may I use the 50th Anniversary Mark?

You may use the 50th Anniversary Mark:

  • on merchandise that will be distributed during 2020
  • in social media posts
  • in email newsletters

Using the 50th Anniversary Mark

The 50th Anniversary Mark must always be paired with the main TRU logo—it may not be used alone.

TRU 50th Anniversary Mark


The Mark is intended for use on a light coloured background. If you need to use the Mark on a dark coloured background, contact MarCom for an alternative version of the Mark.

Protected space

Equal to at least twice the height of the “T” in “Thompson”. Make sure that other graphic elements and text do not appear within the protected space.

Download the mark

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