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Supporting Students

The 25,000 students choosing TRU today have Limitless potential. Post-secondary education is expensive, but a lack of funds should not be a barrier to a better life.

Together, we are increasing student assistance for both merit-based and needs-based awards to give all deserving students access to the best education possible.

When talented students are given the tools to succeed, the sky is the limit. This means helping them get their foot in the door. Scholarships supported through the Limitless Campaign will fund the future of tomorrow’s top-performing software engineers, nurses and teachers. Competitive merit-based scholarships mean we can attract the brightest minds and reward excellence in academics for years to come.

Financial support through needs-based awards makes graduation a reality for many students. With this investment, the TRU Foundation can offer robust assistance for students of diverse backgrounds across a range of faculties. Together, we can ensure access for Indigenous students at both the Kamloops campus and our campus in Williams Lake, a prime location to help Indigenous communities meet and exceed their post-secondary education goals.

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