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Innovating for the Future

TRU researchers have a global impact. Forty years of research have led us to answer some of the planet's most pressing questions: How to heal the earth from natural and man-made disturbance. How to create secure food sources for our growing population. How to ensure Indigenous populations thrive.

Our evolution has allowed us to approach research in ways that are unique from the larger and older Canadian universities.

TRU’s All My Relations Research and Training Centre is improving outcomes in Indigenous wellbeing and mental health through indigenous-led research. With philanthropic support, Indigenous researchers will take the next step in rediscovering methods to strengthen awareness of identity and bolster community health.

A world leader in ecosystem recovery, TRU’s Centre for Ecosystem Reclamation studies environmental disturbance caused by natural resource extraction and natural processes. With enough research funding, the result is a positive coexistence between industrial development and environmental sustainability.

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