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Building Capacity

In partnership with government and with your support, we’re creating a campus that is progressive and adaptable to change. More learning space is allowing more students to study in areas that are in-demand — but it cannot be just any space. It needs to be the right space, properly equipped and built to enhance education and inspire students and faculty ready to learn.

New facilities will reduce waitlists and fast-track our ability to train skilled labourers, management leaders and creative innovators of tomorrow who can utilize cutting-edge technology in their studies.

These projects allow TRU to expand programs that are answering a critical need. The Nursing and Population Health Building is addressing nurse shortages to meet the needs of rural, aging and Indigenous communities. And the Industrial Training and Technology Centre is allowing TRU to expand trades and technology programs to allow an additional 550 students, who will fill in-demand jobs across the province and country. Future campus growth will bolster opportunities in areas like STEM and business.

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