Every donation makes a difference.

Your generosity has an impact. It doesn’t matter what the size of the donation is, it all adds up and it has an impact. That impact is enduring.

These numbers from the Limitless campaign only tell you part of the story. They show the nuts and bolts of how many generous donors have given and what the campaign total is.

They won’t tell you the many reasons why people give or how great they feel about it. They won’t tell you about the beneficiaries and how grateful they are. They won’t tell you how important this campaign is to moving us forward as a society, as a university and as a community.

But we can tell you: your impact is Limitless.

Reaching our goals

Goal: $50 million


$44.7 million

Days to go

"I am making this donation to help educate, among others, your children, grandchildren and succeeding generations, and to provide money for much-needed research." – Kamloops businessman and major donor Ken Lepin

"I am a single mom who has been going to school full time for three years and I have to count every dollar. The Gateway Bursary paid my tuition for a whole school year which alleviated the financial strain for my last year of university. I am filled with gratitude for the blessing of receiving this award." – Jillian Pimblott, 2015 Bachelor of Social Work

One-third of donations are from individuals

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