The Limitless Campaign, setting out to raise TRU’s highest amount ever, concluded on March 31, 2021, with resounding success. Generous donors showed how strongly they believe in the transformative power of education by contributing $53.7 million, surpassing the campaign’s already-ambitious $50-million goal.

These donors, 4,500 of them, supported four key campaign priorities that will enhance TRU’s campuses as places to learn, grow and explore. They will better equip students to excel, strengthen our communities and equip our researchers to find solutions to the world's challenges.

And they gave during a global pandemic that created myriad hardships for people healthwise, psychologically and economically.

We have had some difficult points during this campaign, apart from the pandemic. One that hit the heart of our community was the loss of TRU’s former vice-president advancement, Christopher Seguin, who died in 2017. It was his vision and drive that spearheaded the Limitless Campaign for the university. He was lost to us before we could launch the public phase of Limitless, but his spirit has been with us all along.

The Limitless Campaign is about opening doors to a bigger, brighter, bolder future. It's about looking at how far we've come and how far we can go. The university created connections between donors and students, researchers and the community to work together to improve lives and our world.

Because together, we are Limitless.

Leadership for the Limitless Campaign

TRU’s Limitless Campaign was led by three long-time supporters: Fiona Chan, retired assistant vice-president of credit risk management at the Business Development Bank of Canada; Jack Wong, retired CEO of the Real Estate Foundation of BC; and TRU alumnus Bruce Gysel, retired associate vice-president of finance at FGL Sports Ltd. Limitless Campaign Cabinet members are volunteers and act in an advisory role for fundraising efforts.

Limitless Co-Chairs
Co-Chairs: Jack Wong, Fiona Chan, Bruce Gysel

Honorary Chairs

Campaign Cabinet

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