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The goal of TRU Library Instruction Program is to teach students the skills and abilities they need to become information literate life-long learners. Developing these skills will enable students to complete their research assignments more effectively and efficiently. Classes are designed in a graduated structure and are course-specific, acting as an extension of regular classroom activities.

To ensure a successful Library instruction class, please:
  • attend and actively participate in the class with your students. Your presence and participation influences and motivates the students.
  • provide or collaborate with the Instruction & Outreach Librarian to create a relevant research assignment around which the lesson plan for the library class can be built. Tell me more.
Library Assignments

Students tend to be more engaged in library sessions when they can see an immediate connection between the session material and successfully completing graded course work. For this reason, we advise having a research assignment associated with the session, rather than simply "showing them the databases" without the context of course content.

This does not have to be an additional or new "Library Assignment" (although it can be!) added to a course outline. Most assigned papers already require students to make use of the Library, and we can collaborate with you on an existing assignment to ensure students learn research skills in the process of completing it. Having a copy of your research assignment in advance allows us to better customize our lesson plan to meet the needs of your students, as we can introduce them to more specific search tools and strategies, and emphasize the value Library research adds to their success in your course. We understand that class time is limited and valuable, and wish to work with you so that covering course content and developing core research and critical-thinking skills are not a trade-off. .

If you do NOT have an assignment prepared, your Subject Librarian will be happy to work with you in designing one. Two suggestions for creating assignments relevant to a library instruction sessions are:
a) Have the students create an annotated bibliography. This will provide them with a reason to search for materials using a variety of information tools, and will challenge them to critically evaluate and communicate their understanding of those materials. An annotated bibliography assignment can also be used as a way to ensure students are on the right track with their research for a larger final essay assignment.
An assignment of this nature can be customized to allow students to use specific search tools including the library catalogue, electronic article indexes, print indexes, and the Internet.
b) If you give your students a research assignment, request that the students include their search strategies as an addendum so that they are required to illustrate their thought processes while developing their topic. Such a task will encourage students to develop search strategies more readily and become more critical of those strategies because they must be documented.
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