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Library Display Policy

The Library considers displays to be a part of its mission to support research, learning and teaching within the TRU community. The Library's intent is to design creative, eye-catching displays that stimulate intellectual curiosity, educate, inform, and entertain.


Displays at the TRU Library will serve one or more of the following purposes:

  • Increase awareness, appreciation and use of the Library by promoting its materials and services
  • Highlight Library materials which relate to campus events and programs, as well as local or national calendar events important to the TRU community
  • Highlight current Library issues


  • Library materials should be an integral or illustrative component of any display and should include local material (written by faculty and/or with a local focus to the content) when appropriate
  • Library materials on display are available for use and circulation. Contact the Circulation Desk if you need an item that is currently on display
  • The display of personal copies of books that cannot be borrowed from the Library is discouraged; those viewing the display and wishing to read the titles within should whenever possible be able to do so by borrowing from the Library collection. The display of personal posters or props that add visual interest and supplement Library material is quite welcome.
  • All material held by the Library is regarded as suitable for display; no subjects will be off-limits, though all displays must meet the stated display Goals and Guidelines of this policy and benefit the TRU community
  • Beliefs and viewpoints expressed in displays do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Display Team or any member of the TRU Library.
  • The display is not to be used to promote personal or commercial agendas or interests.
  • The Library encourages the expression of multiple and diverse points of view.

Display area

The Library display area is located in the front entrance foyer. While the display case does lock, it is located in a very public and high-traffic area, and the Library is not responsible for personal items placed in the display case.


All displays shall be temporary. Displays done in collaboration with groups outside the Library will be displayed for a set length of time, with start and end dates established at the time the display proposal is accepted. Displays vary in length depending on staff workload, time of year, and topic of display, but will average 2 to 3 weeks during the Fall and Winter academic semesters.

Requesting or suggesting library displays

  • Displays typically originate from within the Library; Library staff are encouraged to suggest displays, and priority is given to these proposals
  • Other University-affiliated groups may contact the Display Team ( a proposal for a display if they are collaborating with the Library and if all other display requirements (see Goals and Guidelines) are met
  • Requests should always be made as far in advance as possible, bearing in mind that the display case is sometimes booked and planned 3-4 months in advance
  • The Display Team will attempt to accommodate suitable requests made on shorter notice, but is not obligated to alter the display schedule
  • The preferred method to suggest a display or submit a display proposal is by email; please contact us at
  • The Display Team will consider each display proposal as it relates to the policy Goals and Guidelines and the existing display schedule and will notify the requestor of its decision within 2 weeks.
  • Responsibility for display content, arrangement, and decisions as to which display suggestions are accepted ultimately rest with the Library’s Display Team, with the support of the University Librarian.