Library Staff

If you have a general question or are not sure who to contact, send an email to or give us a call at 250-828-5306. We'll make sure you're directed to the right person!

  Location Phone Email
General Information Services
Circulation, Reference, and Research
House of Learning 250-828-5312
Beesley, Jarred
Library Client Service Associate
HL411 250-828-5302
da Costa, Joey
Collection Services Librarian
HL406 250-828-5303
Davies, Laura
Library Services Support Coordinator
HL442 250-852-7833
Eshelby, Brenda
Library Client Service Associate
HL424 250-852-7972
Gottschalk, Tania
Interim University Librarian
HL452 250-572-3860
Hemmings, Mary
Law Librarian
OM3661 250-828-5111
Johnston, Kathleen
Library Client Service Associate
HL439 250-828-5310
Lauron, Cleire
Research, Instruction, and Cataloguing Librarian
HL407 250-828-5473
May, Erin
Scholarly Communications and Liaison Librarian
HL438 250-377-6055
Mansoori, Aida
Library Technology Services Support Coordinator
HL444 250-852-7252
McMillan, Kimberly
Library Client Service Associate
HL408 250-828-5311
Mitchell, Ben
Reference and Instruction Librarian
HL420 250-852-7834
Neifer, Shane
Reference and Instruction Librarian
HL436 250-828-5304
Paterson, Amy McLay (she/her)
Assessment and User Experience Librarian
HL434 250-852-7832
Polier, Meg
Library Client Service Associate
HL416 250-371-5984
Purcell, Michael
Systems Librarian
HL446 250-828-5021
Rennie, Elizabeth
Instruction and Research Services Librarian, Librarians' Department Chair
HL448 250-371-5775
Ruhwald, Natasha
Library Client Service Associate
HL410 250-828-5308
Sayre, Franklin (he/him/his)
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Librarian
HL440 250-852-7127
Schlotter, Alana
Library Client Service Associate
HL409 778-471-8372
Smith, Brenda
Open Education Librarian
HL428 250-828-5098
Spitman, Jen
Administration and Communications Assistant
HL454 250-828-5300
Strodl, Olivia
Library Client Service Associate
HL439 250-828-5307
Stubbings, Leah
Library Client Service Associate
HL437 778-471-8377
Svendsen, Melissa
Williams Lake Campus Librarian
WLK1155 250-392-8031
Terriss, Michelle
Research and Learning Librarian, Law
OM3665 778-471-8453
Tremblay, Tasha
Library Client Service Associate
HL422 250-828-5309
Watmough, Katherine
Access Services and Resource Sharing Librarian
HL418 250-852-7287
Wells, Julia
Acting Associate University Librarian
HL456 778-471-8655
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