JD Program Courses

TRU Law offers a traditional JD program, approved by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. Our mandatory first-year curriculum builds a solid foundation for advanced legal study in upper years, which includes compulsory courses in Ethical Lawyering, Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Business Associations, and Evidence.

Ninety-six credits are required for graduation. These traditional course offerings are complemented by innovative courses such as Lawyering in the 21st Century, a course that fosters innovation in the legal profession, and Apps for Access to Justice, a unique course of its kind in Canada that teaches students to design their own technology solutions to enhance access to justice.

Knowledge gained in the classroom is enhanced by many opportunities for applied learning—such as the mandatory dispute resolution course; competitive mooting internally and with other law schools; and serving clients at our Community Legal Clinic.

JD Program course requirements are set out in the TRU Academic Calendar.

First Year Courses:

Students admitted into the JD Program will be required to successfully complete the following 9 courses in the first year curriculum (for a total of 36 credits).

Course Number Course Name
LAWF 3010 Constitutional Law
LAWF 3020 Legal Perspectives (for students who entered before 2021-2022)
LAWF 3030 Contracts
LAWF 3040 Law, Administration and Policy (for students entering from 2021-2022)
LAWF 3050 Property
LAWF 3060 Fundamental Legal Skills
LAWF 3070 Torts
LAWF 3080 Crime: Law and Procedure
LAWF 3090 Dispute Resolution I: Interviewing and Counselling (for students who entered before 2021-2022)

Upper Year Courses:

Students are required to satisfactorily complete 30 credits in each of their second and third years of study to obtain the minimum 96 credits required to complete the JD degree. Both mandatory and elective courses are offered. The following list includes some of the courses that may be offered, which are subject to change. Course descriptions are available through the Course Calendar.  Refer to the timetable for details on courses taught in the current academic year.

Course Number Course Name
LAWF 3100 Entertainment Law
LAWF 3400 Lawyering in the 21st Century
LAWF 3410 Community Lawyering
LAWF 3420 Clinical Practice
LAWF 3422 Clinical Practice 2
LAWF 3424 Clinical Practice 3
LAWF 3426 Clinical Practice 4
LAWF 3428 Clinical Practice 5
LAWF 3430 Creditors' Remedies
LAWF 3440 Intellectual Property Law
LAWF 3450 International Trade Law
LAWF 3460 Comparative and International Indigenous Rights
LAWF 3470 International Intellectual Property Law and Policy
LAWF 3480 Digital Media Law
LAWF 3490 Communications Law
LAWF 3500 Insurance Law
LAWF 3510 Jurisprudence
LAWF 3520 Tax Policy
LAWF 3530 Privacy Law
LAWF 3540 Charter Civil Liberties
LAWF 3550 Comparative Law
LAWF 3560 Corporate Governance
LAWF 3570 Advanced Criminal Law
LAWF 3580 Advanced Advocacy
LAWF 3590 Advanced Torts
LAWF 3600 Conflict of Laws
LAWF 3610 Real Estate Transactions
LAWF 3620 Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law
LAWF 3630 Advanced Public Law
LAWF 3640 Secured Transactions
LAWF 3650 Unjust Enrichment
LAWF 3660 Health Law
LAWF 3662 Mental Health Law & Policy
LAWF 3670 Corporate Tax
LAWF 3680 Immigration and Refugee Law
LAWF 3690 Law and Economics
LAWF 3700 Public Lands and Natural Resources Law
LAWF 3702 Transnational Lawyering: Social Justice, Communities & Resources
LAWF 3710 Remedies
LAWF 3720 Trusts
LAWF 3730 Human Rights Law
LAWF 3740 International Law
LAWF 3750 Canadian Legal History
LAWF 3760 Directed Research
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Access to Justice – Policy Responses
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Advanced Evidence
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Advanced Family Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Animals & the Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: BC Law School Moots
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Bowman Tax Moot
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Business Associations 2: Advanced Corporate Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Business of Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Charter in Criminal Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Class Actions
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Climate Change & the Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Construction Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Designing Legal Expert Systems
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Elder Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Estate Litigation
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: In-House & Corporate Counsel
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Law & Religion
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Law, State, & Society
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Legal Innovations & Legal Traditions
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Mergers & Acquisitions
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Municipal Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Rule of Law 21st Century
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Securities Law
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Sentencing
LAWF 3780 Selected Topics: Video Gaming Law
LAWF 3800 Business Associations (mandatory)
LAWF 3810 Criminal Process
LAWF 3812 Sentencing Law
LAWF 3820 Family Law
LAWF 3830 Basic Tax Law
LAWF 3840 Environmental Law
LAWF 3850 Employment Law
LAWF 3860 Labour Law
LAWF 3870 Wills and Estates
LAWF 3880 Sale of Goods
LAWF 3890 Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law (for students entering before 2021-2022)
LAWF 3900 Administrative Law (mandatory)
LAWF 3910 Civil Procedure (mandatory)
LAWF 3920 Evidence (mandatory)
LAWF 3930 Ethical Lawyering (mandatory)
LAWF 3940 Dispute Resolution 2: Negotiation and Mediation (mandatory for students who entered before 2021-2022)
LAWF 3950 Advanced Legal Research & Writing (mandatory for students who entered before 2021-2022)
LAWF 3960 Dispute Resolution 3: Adjudication (mandatory for students who entered before 2021-2022)
LAWF 3970 Sports Law: High Performance/Amateur & Adventure Sport
LAWF 3980 Sports Law: Professional Leagues & International Sports Organizations
LAWF 3990 Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law
LAWF 4000 Court of Appeal Moots
LAWF 4010 Kawaskimhon National Aboriginal Moot
LAWF 4020 Wilson Moot
LAWF 4030 Provincial Court Clerkship
LAWF 4050 Jessup Moot
LAWF 4130 Western Canada MacIntyre Cup Trial Competition