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TRU Law is home to the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law (CJCCL). The CJCCL is published by a team of students under the direction of the Faculty Editors-in-Chief, Professors Robert Diab, Chris Hunt and Lorne Neudorf.

The CJCCL is a peer reviewed, open-access scholarly journal with its content available online. The CJCCL is unique in that it is both thematic and comparative.

Each year, the Faculty Editors in Chief select a theme that will be the focus of that year’s volume. The theme enables a focused, penetrating analysis of a contemporary legal issue to an extent not currently offered elsewhere in Canada or abroad.

In addition, the CJCCL encourages contributors to take a comparative approach in their scholarship. It defines ‘comparative’ broadly. This may be through the comparison of how a particular legal issue is treated in different legal systems (such as civil and common law), different national systems (such as England and Canada) or in different provinces in Canada.

The thematic focus of the CJCCL’s first volume was "Health Law & Human Rights", which was published in 2015. The second volume, which consists of two 400 page issues, was published in 2016 on the theme of "Equity in the 21st Century: Problems and Perspectives”.  The third volume, published in 2018, examines "Problems of Interpretation in International Law". The forthcoming fourth volume explores contemporary issues around privacy and data protection.

For further information, please visit the CJCCL website.

Cover of the third volume of the Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law, themed "Problems of Interpretation in International Law".