International Requirement

In order to graduate from the Faculty of Law at Thompson Rivers University, all JD students must complete a course fulfilling the international requirement during their second or third year.

The international requirement may be fulfilled by one of the following two options:

  1. By satisfactorily completing and achieving a grade of C- or better, in at least one of the following courses:
    • Animal Law
    • Comparative and International Indigenous Rights
    • Comparative Law
    • Conflict of Laws
    • Corporate Governance
    • Environmental Law (from 2020-2021)
    • Human Rights Law (from 2020-2021)
    • Immigration and Refugee Law
    • Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law (from 2020-2021) 
    • International Intellectual Property
    • International Trade Law
    • Public International Law (aka 'International Law')
    • Sports Law: Professional Leagues and International Sports Organizations (from 2020-2021)
    • Transnational Lawyering


  2. By satisfactorily completing a Study Abroad program during a spring or summer term or during the fall term of the student’s third year, if approved in advance by the associate dean.

Upon completion of the international requirement, the student shall provide a written declaration indicating that the requirement has been met and setting out which course or option was used to meet the requirement and the semester in which it was completed.

Failure to provide the written declaration in a timely manner may preclude the student from graduating. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the written declaration is submitted to the office of the associate dean upon completion of the international requirement.