Laura Spitz


BA (Toronto), JD (UBC), JSD (Cornell)

Professor Spitz teaches contracts, tax, commercial law and business law. Immediately prior to joining the TRU faculty, Professor Spitz taught at the University of New Mexico, where she remains a professor of law (on leave). Before that, she was a vice provost and associate dean at Cornell University. Professor Spitz has also taught at the Sorbonne, Emory University, the University of Colorado and the University of Ottawa. As a lawyer, Professor Spitz practiced in the corporate commercial group at Miller Thomson LLP (Vancouver Office) and her practice experience includes both domestic and international business transactions, commercial transactions (including secured transactions), tax law, corporate law, banking law and First Nations economic development law.

Professor Spitz’s current research focuses on the line between subjects and objects in the common law system and the limits of their utility as categories in both law and society. Her forthcoming co-authored article in the Harvard Environmental Law Review asks whether legal subjectivity is a useful strategy for advancing progressive environmental law claims, and another forthcoming article examines historical practices of humanization and dehumanization in the construction of liberal legal subjectivity on the colony of Vancouver Island. She also writes about the difficulty of translating these categories into concepts cognizable in Indigenous legal systems.

Professor Spitz is also active in the community. She has served on the boards of directors of several theater companies, taught as a volunteer art teacher in public elementary schools, presented as part of continuing legal education programs, worked with LEAF on significant interventions in the Supreme Court of Canada, joined Amici Curiae briefs filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, participated in panels before the 10th Circuit Judicial Conference and testified before a Georgia senate committee on proposed changes to state exemptions for the purposes of the Bankruptcy Code. Outside of work, Professor Spitz loves rock climbing, reading, hiking, cooking and biking.



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Other Writing

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    • First Prize, Canadian National Association of Women and the Law 1993 National Research and Essay Competition.


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 Curriculum Vitae

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Laura Spitz

Office: OM 4765 (Working from home Fall 2020)

  • Contracts (LAWF 3030)
  • Basic Tax Law (LAWF 3830)