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Preliminary Presentation Schedule
Tentative: time, locations and activities may change. 
Thursday, October 12
19:00 to 22:00 Registration
Ice Breaker, no host bar — Panorama Room, International Building (IB)
Friday, October 13
8:30-9:30  Opening and Keynote Lecture
  H. Kato Diverse and changing communities in Japan: New trends and future prospects
9:30-10:00 Coffee Break
10:00-12:00 Panels
Panel 1: Communities within Communities(1) (Panorama 1)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
F. Ikawa-Smith and H. Kato N. Suzuki An attempt to establish a new home for elderly Japanese Canadians and Nikkei groups in Toronto
  S. Matsumoto Korean Community and Church in Montreal
  Y. Shibata Four Japanese Canadian (Nikkei) Women Writers: An Anthropological Twist
  I. Yamaguchi Vivre avec et dans les differences: l'integration identitaire chex de jeunes montrealais d'origine chinoise
Panel 2: Business, marketing and economics (Panorama 2)
 T. Bryant J. Beamer Kimono Revived: A Response to a Homogenized World Culture?
  T. Bryant Kijiro Nambu: pre-war Japan’s most influential inventor/businessman?
  A. Uzama Global Market Entry: Selling to the Japanese; A critical evaluation of current theories and practices for Japan market entry
  Y. Foong & S. Richardson Working in a Japanese company: The Perceptions of Malaysian Employees
  P. Parker Japan on our rooftop: Looking up and to the future with solar photovoltaic technology
Panel 3: Geography (Panorama 3)
T. Waldichuk T. Kubo Residential Choice of Condominium Residents in the Centreal Area of Local Cities: A Case Study of Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
  H. Kikkawa Dissolution of Communal Property and of Pre-modern Collective Land Rights Under Modernization Policy of the Japanese Government
  T. Matsubara Structural Change of Farming and Policy for Preserving Farmland: the Case Study of Hukuchiyama City in Kyoto Prefecture
  N. Numata Re-centralization of Population in Sapporo City
Panel 4: Contemporary Art (Visual Arts Gallery OM 1578)
D. Kalynka R. Wallace “Aibo Come Home” Im-printing Experience
  D. Neave Uncharted Territory: The Performance Art of Japan’s Dumb Type
12:00-13:00 LUNCH — Panorama Room
12:35-12:50 Book Launch
  Yuzo Ota  
  Debito Arudou  
  Jennifer Chan-Tiberghien  
13:00-14:30 Panels
Panel 1: Communities within communities(2) (Panorama 1)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
F. Ikawa-Smith and H. Kato M.Creighton It’s Not Just About Kimchi, Tacos and Coconut Soup: Ethnic and Foreign Minorites Staging a More Diversity Tolerant Japanese Society
  Y. Munoz A struggle towards multiculturalism in Japan: the Ainu People 
  D. Arudou Japan’s Imminent Internationalization:  Can Japan Assimilate its Immigrants?    
  C. Yamada The Strategy for Community Survival, Christian Island, Kuroshima, Nagasaki
Panel 2: Women & modernizing Japan (Panorama 2)
P. Tsurumi P.Tsurumi Life is Resistance: Ito Noe
  J. Matsumura Resistance is Life: Nakamoto Takako (1903-1991)
  G. Bell “No, Kabuki, and Rakugo: the Give and Take of Japanese Modernization”
  N. Takayanagi The Cultural Production of Motherhood: Urban Middle-class Mothers' Identity Formation and their Communities in Japan
Panel 3: Rewriting the global other (literature) (Panorama 3)
N. Ota S. Callaghan Re-reading the Global Other in Contemporary Japan, Kuki Shozo and the Excess of Essence
  S. Osenton Bean Buns from Heaven: Anpanman and the Construction of National Identity
  B. Ambury Representing the Other—The Monster Within AND Without
  N. Ota Translation Culture, Identity and Globalization
14:30-15:00 Coffee Break
15:00-16:30 Panels
Panel 1: The “Other” Japan — changing communities (1)  (Panorama 1)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
D. Edgington M. Takeuchi The State Reinforcement of Homogeneity and Nationalism in Japan; The Investigation of Japaneseness and the Notebook of the Heart
  S.R. Nagy National Exclusion, Local Inclusion: Examining the Disconnect between National Immigration Policies and Local Integration Policies
  D. Edgington Gaijin are Residents Too!: Multiculturalism, Japanese Cities and Field Work
  M. Lewis Soeda Azembo, Enka Ballads, and Protest and Patriotism in Prewar Japan
Panel 2: University reforms (Panorama 2)
J.Chan  S. Okayama Le public et le privé dans la - privatisation - des universités japonaises 
  N.Inuzuka University Reform for Gender Equality in Japan
  H. Hara Deregulation, Competition, and the Emergence of For-Profit Universities in Japan
  J.  Chan Academic Capitalism in Japan: national University Incorporation and Special Zones for Structural Reform
Panel 3: Women communities — pre-modern Japan (Panorama 3)
G. Ivanova L. Zwarenstein “My Father’s Writing Set”: Medieval; Women’s Diaries and Literary Tradition
  H. Shiga Edo Women on the Road: Pleasures and Hardships in Travel Diaries
  G. Ivanova Women’s In-jokes in Heian Japan: Makura no soshi
  S. Arntzen Discussant
Panel 4: Exploring missionary experiences in prewar SE Asia (IB1020)
Y. Chang B. Sewell Between a Half-dozen Rocks and a hard Place: The Dynamics of Missionary Activities in Prewar Manchuria
  S. Nantais “Sur le front des missions”: French-Canadian Catholic Missionaries in Manchuria in the 1930s
  W. Tait Competing Missions: Atlantic Canadian Presbyterian Missionaries in Korea and Manchuria
  R.J. Perrins A Growing Lack of Concord: Scottish Missions and Legislative Landmines during the Manzhouguo Era
17:00-18:00  guest lecture
  A. Kobayashi Redefining Nikkei in a globalizing context
18:00-20:00  ART GALLERY RECEPTION — Exhibition Opening:  (TRU Art Gallery, OM) 
D. Kalynka   Trilateral Print Exchange Exhibition “Re-identification” Japan, Canada, and the Netherlands
Saturday, October 14
8:30-10:00 Panels
Panel 1:  Pros & cons of online testing with moodle  (IB1015)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
N. Ota G. Ivanova Pros & cons of online testing with moodle
  N. Yabuki-Soh Pros & cons of online testing with moodle
  M. Street Pros & cons of online testing with moodle
  N. Ota Pros & cons of online testing with moodle
Panel 2: Health & Ageing — Lessons for Canada; Sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Foundation of
Canada (1) (IB1020)
J. Tiessen C. McMillan  forthcoming
  J. Campbell  Policy Correction: The First Reform of Japan’s Long-Term Care Insurance System
  J. Tiessen forthcoming
Panel 3: The Kakehashi (Bridge-Across) Project: Bridging between Evolving Transnational Japanese Communities (IB1014)
H. Noro H. Noro   Introduction to our panel 
  S. Kojima  Searching for new “Nikkei” identities
  S. Kotani  The Intercultural Meanings of “Nikkei” in the Era of Global Capitalism:An Ethnographic Study in San Francisco’s Japantown
  T. Inoue   Education and bilingual situation surrounding Nikkei Nissei in Hawaii before WWII 
Panel 4: The “Other” Japan — changing communities (2) (IB1010)
B. Pendleton K. Furuhashi Impact of International Residents and Changes to Community in Shizuoka Prefecture
  B. Pendleton 2266 CE —The Last Japanese Passes Away: Implications of the Population-Immigration Debate
  D. Arudou The Otaru Onsens (Hot Springs) Case and Racial  Discrimination in Japan
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break
10:30-12:00 Panels
Panel 1: Health & ageing — Lessons for Canada; Sponsored by the Asia-Pacific Foundation of
(2)  (IB1020)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
T. Waldichuk Y. Kaneko  forthcoming
  N. Ogawa Population aging and health care spending in Japan: public and private sector responses
  N. Chappell Lessons to be Learned from Aging in Japan—Will Canada Benefit from or Misuse Them?
Panel 2: Religion (1) (IB1014)
  R. Aitken Globalization and the Construction of Alternative Religious Movements in Modern Japan
  T. Yamada Contesting the Sacred in the Discourse of Cultural Heritage
  M. Petrucci In search of new social values: the impact of Christian and Buddhist Educated Elite on Occupational and Religious Organization in Sixteenth Century Japan
Panel 3:  Japanese education system (IB1010)
J. Dierkes Y. Ida The comparison of education for developing identity in Nunavut and Okinawa
  S. Miyafusa Critical Examination of the Educational Delivery in Japan
  J. McLean An investigation into the source of pedagogical techniques that have resulted in a high level of mathematical thining competence among Japanese secondary school students
  J. Dierkes Empiricism in Postwar Japanese History Materials
  Workshop (IB204  computer lab)
  T. Suzuki Japanese Online Database Workshop: Introduction to Searching for Books, Journals, Prewar Asian Diplomatic Documents, Statistics, and Women’s Studies
12:00-1:00 GUEST LECTURE (IB1008)
D. Kalynka M. Kuroyanagi  Between Light and Shadow
12:00-1:00 JSAC Executive meeting (IB1019)
13:00-14:30 Panels
Panel 1: East Asian History (IB1015)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
B. Sewell C.S. Takagaki State Shinto and the Subjugation of Local Communities in Japanese Colonies
  S. Simon Making Natives on Formosa: Japanese Colonial Policy and the Creation of Taiwanese Indigeneity
  Y. Chang Contesting Identities: Japanese Colonial Rule and the Formation of Nationalistic NGOs in Hong Kong
  Y. Ota ARISHIMA Takeo (1878-1923): A Case Study towards a Better Understanding of the Taisho Period
Panel 2: Government & politics (IB1020)
Amb. J. Caron C. Holroyd & K. Coates Preparing for the 21st Century: Innovation, Reorganization and Mobilization in Japan
  A. Corrin Phoenix of perennial underdog: has Okinawa, in the aftermath of the pacific war and post U.S. occupation, been given a voice; or does the once independent kingdom now capitulate to the political volition of mainland Japan?
  D.Beason Growth implications of Japan’s debt crisis
  J. Kovalio Positive and negative  aspects  in   Japan’s  present position in  Asia  Pacific
Panel 3: Social studies education  (IB1014)
T. Waldichuk M. Tsubota The Citizenship Education: Trends and Issues in Social Studies; Canada and Japan
  S. Miyazaki A Comparative Study on Environmental Learning in Geographical Education in Canada and Japan
  T. Waldichuk The evolution of teaching the geography of Japan in Japan in Japanese, outside Japan in English, and the present situation of teaching the Geography of Japan at Canadian universities
  H. Pirnes Learning by developing—encouraging innovativeness in joint Japanese-Finnish elderly care research and development project.
Panel 4: Language and Culture (IB1010)
J. Kess Y. Igarashi & J. Kess Developing Transliteration Rules from Katakana Loanwords to English Originals
  N. Langton “Kuitsuki ga chau nen:” Gender, Language and Change in a Women’s University
  X. Yang Classical Literature in Modern Voice—The Creation of  “Narration: a Scroll of the Late Three Years War”
  A Devine Sociopragmatic knowledge and pragmalinguistic behavioiur
Panel 5: Chado (IB1010)
C. Cadre R. Pussel Chado: The Japanese Way of Tea
14:30-15:00 Coffee Break
15:00-16:30 Panels
Panel 1: Printmaking  (IB1015)
Chair Presenter(s) Title of paper
D. Kalynka C. Stewart Printmaking Cooperatives as Conduits for Cross-Cultural Exchange
  M. Kuroyanagi Sightline for the Future
  N. Saito Recent Graduate Student of Tama University experience of Printmaking studios and Co-ops
Panel 2: NE Asia Security (IB1008)
W. Jiang W. Jiang forthcoming
  K. Hara From Bilateralism to Multilateralism: land Settlement as a Model for the
“Northern Territories” Problem?
  M. Hossain Fostering “Human Security”: The Heightened Promises of Japan and Canada
  S. Ikeda Japan between US Unilateralism and Revived Sino-Centrism: An Exploration of Long-term Security
Panel 3: Investigating Nikkei (IB1020)
Y. Shibata T. Kage Postwar Japanese Immigrants in the Vancouver Area - Adaptation Process through their Organizational Activities
  Y. Hoyano Getting Involved in Japanese Canadian Community in Edmonton
  Y.Tanaka Telling the Tales of Diaspora—through Japanese Folklore and Immigrant Experiences
  N.Takei The Place and Value of Heritage Language in the Lives of Japanese Canadians
Panel 4: Japanese education and culture (IB1014)
J.Dobson K. Namita Revision of Foreign Language Education Policy in Japan
  C. Mizoue Cultural Exchange between Canada and Japan: Building Educational Museum in Toronto and Tokyo
  N. Nakamura Managing Cultural Representation and Promotion of the Ainu: Ainu Culture Cluster Project at the Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum
  J. Dobson Dispatch law and Education in Japan
Panel 5: Canada-Japan comparisons and connections (IB1010)
J. Alexander R. O'Day Japanese Tourism to Canada: re-thinking the Japan-Canada relationship in the age of globalization
  D. Kojima Changing Process of Projected Image of Canada in Japanese Package Tour Brochure
  J. Alexander The Japan-Canada Meth Connection: How Canadian Smugglers are Reviving Japan's Postwar Amphetamine Epidemic
5:00-6:00  JSAC AGM (IB1020)
F. Ikawa-Smith    
CONFERENCE BANQUET and KEYNOTE ADDRESS BY: His Excellency Joseph Caron, Ambassador of Canada to Japan — “The new Japanese government : New directions and implications for Canada”
Sunday, October 15
There are no presentations on Sunday, October 15.
There will be a field trip to Adams River. Please contact Tom Waldichuk if interested