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Network Account Self-Service Password Reset Portal

Your password for campus computers, wi-fi, TRU Outlook email, and Moodle.

TRU's Self-Service Password Portal allows you to recover your password quickly and easily from any computer or mobile device. It is also a place where new students can change their Network Account temporary password (see #3 in Instructions to Enrol).

Please note, this password reset portal does not apply to myTRU or Blackboard Learn passwords.

 Instructions to enrol:
  1. To enroll, go to:
  2. Sign in using your network account login credentials


    Students enter your T-ID: T00999999
    Employees enter your user name: jsmith 

    In the "Login to" field: students  select  "MYTRU" 
    In the "Login to" field: employees select "TRU"

  3. Enter your network account password.

    New Students, please enter your temporary password: Your birthday in the following
    format: TRUddmmmyy (two numbers for day, three letters for month, two numbers for year)

    Example: January 1st, 1993 is entered as: TRU01 jan93 
  4. Create a new secure password following the secure password rules.
  5. Click link "Click here to continue" to go to the User Registration page.
  6. On the User Registration page, enter at least one alternate personal email address then click on "Enroll".
    Note: do not use your TRU email address when trying to reset your password.
  7. Click on "Sign Out" beside the Thompson Rivers University logo.
  8. You have completed the registration process and are now able to return to this site when necessary to reset your password.
 Reset your password after enrolment
  1. Go to and click on "Reset Password".
    In the next screen, enter your User Name.  For the second field, ensure "MYTRU" is selected if you are a student. Employees should select "TRU".
  2. Select your " personal email address" where you want to receive the verification code. Click continue.
    You have 5 minutes to complete the verification process. Check your email inbox for an email from Enter the provided verification code in the "Enter Verification Code" page in the Self-Service Password Portal. 
  3. Enter a new password ensuring you follow the secure password policy requirements. Confirm your new password, then click Reset Password. You will see a message if your password has been reset successfully.
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