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Login Process for Students (TRU-ID)

All student systems use the TRU-ID as the user name. The student email system is Outlook webmail.

New students

If you are admitted into a program or registered in a course you will have accounts for the following:

Prior to logging in to any of these systems you are required to reset your temporary password in the Self-Service Password Reset Portal.


All students

Log in to the Self-Service Password Reset Portal and register a non-TRU email address for easy password reset on any device anywhere you have internet access.


For assistance, please contact:

Account TypeUser NamePassword

Network login to lab computers

Wireless access (TRU or Eduroam)

Outlook email (

Remote access to your private storage drive


myTRU (


Starts with a T


The initial password for new students is: TRUddmmmyy (birthdate). Example: TRU01sep96. The change your password, log in to the Self-Service Password Reset Portal
Blackboard ( TRU ID Birthdate: yymmdd

Common questions

 Where can I find my TRU-ID?

All students have an ID starting with the letter T. There is a section in myTRU that will allow you to verify your TRU ID.

 I'm a returning student. What happened to my old myTRU system emails?

Access to the old email system in myTRU was only available until January 2015.

 Can I redirect my TRU Outlook email to a personal email address?
 I log into myTRU with my login name, can I continue to do so?

Yes you can – the login name, non-T-ID, and T-ID will all work as a login, but you may find it easier to start using your T-ID as it will be used throughout campus, admissions, counselling, finance, library, etc.

 I want to use the wireless network on campus. What login/password do I use?

Use your TRU ID with the password your created in your Outlook email. For this to work, students must be registered in a course (not wait-listed).

 There are two wireless options on campus, which one do I use?

Eduroam. When you are on campus, it automatically logs you into our wireless network.

Note: OL students who visit other universities may be able to use their TRU credentials to access that particular university’s wireless network. The IT Service Desk can assist you with this option.

 What about the password for myTRU and Blackboard Learn? Are they the same as my Outlook email password?

No, the default password for both of these systems is your birthdate in yymmdd.

 What User ID/password do I use to access Blackboard?

Your Blackboard access will not change unless you have a new TRU ID. The Blackboard default password will be yymmdd.

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