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 How do I log into the app?

Use your TRU network credentials (TRU ID and password). They are the same as your login to campus computers/WI-FI/Moodle/ and your TRU student email.

If you cannot log in, try restarting the app and the phone. Check that you have the latest app updates and/or phone OS updates. If you still can't get in, try getting a screenshot of the error and send it to ITServiceDesk@tru.ca. IT Service Desk contact info can also be found in the mobile app's Help Section.

 Why are there lock icons on some of the mobile app sections?
You need to sign in to see your secure information. You can click on one of the locks or go to the bottom of the main menu to sign in with your TRU network credentials.
 If I login how long does my session last?
  • If you minimize the app the session will be active for 18 hours
  • If you close the app your session will end


 What if I can't see my grades?
  • Ensure you have signed in with your TRU network credentials.
  • Your instructors may not have submitted your final grades yet.
  • Check to see if you have any alerts in your notification section that would block you from seeing your grades.
  • Check the term in which you registered for the course. You may have to look at a different term and then go back to the original term to refresh the information.
 How do I see my course timetable in the app?
Click on the Course Timetable tab. Your classes show in a calendar daily view. Just click forward or back with the top arrows to see each day. If you click on one of your courses, you will see more details including instructor, location and allow you to find the building using your phone's map application.
 One of my courses changed times, will it update in the app?
Course time changes will get updated in the course timetable, however, courses that have the same time won't show correctly in the app. Please check your myTRU email as it can happen when your course has been rescheduled and now conflicts with your other course.
 There is nothing in the Notifications tab, should I see something here?
Notifications will show if there has been any holds put on your account. There will be more details in the notification of what it is and which department you should follow up with. Holds can be placed for overdue balances, library fines, etc. Refer to the mobile app's contact section for who to follow up with if you have any questions about your holds.
 What is shown in the Finance tab?
Your current account balance will show here, as well as the last payment received.
 Can I make payments via the app?
Unfortunately this feature is not currently available. You can make payments online through myTRU.


 Can I access my student tools via the app?
Yes, you can link to your Moodle, Student Email and myTRU from the app. They open as a new tab in your phone's web browser. Once the screen opens, you will need to enter your TRU credentials again to logon to any of your student tools.


 What if I have more questions, who can I contact?
The Campus Information section has links to the contact information for all of TRU's key departments. You can also find the link to the latest news and events, as well as the Campus map and TRU website.


 Is there a way to find more information about getting to TRU?
Yes, in the Parking and Transit section, you can see details about Parking Permits on campus (including paying by phone and where to park). You can also find the link to the Kamloops public transit website to help you with bus schedules.


 Where can I find TRU's official social media accounts to follow?
In the social media section of the app, you'll find the link to TRU's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, flickr, and YouTube accounts.


 I'm still having technical problems with the app after restarting it and ensuring all the updates to my phone have been done, what can I do?
You can click on the IT Service Desk tab in the Help Section to get their contact information. Make sure you let them know all the steps you tried to troubleshoot your issue when you contact them.
 Can I provide my feedback about the app?
Your feedback is important. We would love to hear from you. Please click on the App feedback tab in the Help section.
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