Microsoft 365 Student Migration Information

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 (previously known as Office 365) is a cloud-based subscription product from Microsoft. Aside from well-known Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 provides great collaborative apps like OneDrive and Teams. Editing documents, finding files, and collaborating with teachers and fellow students is all made easier with Microsoft 365. See below to find out more about the benefits, all of which are included free with your student account!

How do I get Access to Microsoft 365?

Students can very quickly and easily sign up for a free Microsoft account.  If you haven't done so already, ghere and click the Download Office 365 link.

  1. Agree to terms and conditions and use your myTRU email
  2. Check your myTRU email after agreeing and follow additional sign up prompts to complete registration with Microsoft.

How does Microsoft 365 Benefit Students?

Microsoft 365 provides some excellent benefits for students, especially for distanced learning. M365 includes all of the Office apps you are used to, like Word and Excel, but also includes some new apps. In addition all of these apps can be accessed on the web, so working with documents is easy - no installing or downloading required, though you are certainly welcome to install some of the great apps such as Teams. See below for some of the benefits of new M365 apps:

  • Teams
    • Great tool for meeting with instructors for classes or office hours using chat, audio or video calling
    • Excellent for collaborating and communicating with other students for tutoring, group projects, and helping each other in a COVID safe manner!
    • Allows for easy file sharing and multi-person document editing/sharing. Work right on a document with all the mebers of your team at the same time.
    • Includes new Teams apps like Planner, which is excellent for organizing a group project or your own schoolwork 
  • OneDrive
    • 1 Terabyte of storage that can be accessed anywhere, no need to transfter files between devices! Removes the need for using USBs, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc.  
    • Excellent for sharing files with teachers and fellow students 
    • OneDrive cloud storage is very secure 
  • OneNote
    • A powerful tool for taking notes for yourself, or during a class. Draw right on your notes page to make useful diagrams, doodles, or pratice examples!
    • Easy to organize and search your notes to save you time when studying 

If I am having issues with Microsoft 365, who do I contact?

For any technical issues contact IT:

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