Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Student Network Account

You must know your network account to:

  • login to the network on lab computers on campus — this provides you with your own private data storage of 2GB on the student server – drive F:\
  • access the Wireless Network on campus (eduroam or tru)
  • login to myTRU
  • access the student Network drives (F:\ and H:\) from home using Remote Access
  • access Outlook email from
  • access to Moodle
  • access to Library resources for off campus users

What is my login name and password for the network account?

Login name: Your TRU ID (T followed by eight digits)

Password: Your birthday in the following format: TRUddmmmyy
Example: Your birthday is Sept. 10, 1993 = TRU10sep93

To protect yourself and your personal information you are required to set a strong password.

Go to Self-Serve Password Portal
Other methods to change your password

Login to a lab computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Del on the keyboard from the desktop, and then select the “Change Password” button.

OR Login to go to 'Options' > 'Change Your Password'.

Setting a strong password for your account

  • it must be between 8 and 20 characters long
  • it must be a combination of letters and numbers
  • there must be UPPERCASE and lowercase letters
  • it is case sensitive
  • may not contain three consecutive letters and/or numbers from your TRU ID
  • should not contain your name or date of birth

Once your new password is set, it will remain in effect for one year.

Account TypeUser NamePassword

Network login to lab computers

Wireless access (TRU or Eduroam)


Outlook email (

Remote access to your private storage drive


Library Resources when off campus


Starts with a T


The initial password for new students is: TRUddmmmyy (birthdate). Example: TRU01sep96. To change your password, log in to the Self-Service Password Reset Portal (
Blackboard ( TRU ID Birthdate: yymmdd
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