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MyTRU is your one-stop access to all online services you need before, during, and after your studies here at Thompson Rivers University.

Access MyTRU for:

 Course Registration 
  • Register for a course
  • Course timetable
  • Course evaluation
 Open Learning Services 
  • Current registrations
  • Assignment marks
  • Course extension request
  • Exam applications
 Financial Information, Payments, Awards, and Financial Support 
  • T2202A tax form
  • Make a payment
  • Your account summary
  • Medical & dental opt-out
  • Request a refund
  • Apply for an award
 Academic Record 
  • Academic profile
  • Application Status
  • Final grades
  • Transfer credit summary
  • Apply to graduate
  • Course registration data form
  • View your transcripts
  • Order printed transcripts
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Student FAQs

 How do I access transcripts or grades?

Log into myTRU. Under the home tab, on the right-hand side of the page, to find your ‘Academic Transcript’ - click on 'View Academic Transcript' (for unofficial transcript) OR Order Printed Transcript (for official transcripts) and 'Final grades' (to access grades from recently completed classes).

Can I let my parents view my grades?

You may share your myTRU Username and Password with your parents at your discretion. Parents who have your Username and Password may view or change any of your information that is available on myTRU

 Can I use myTRU to print my registration or account information?

It’s easy to print personal information. Log into myTRU. Click onto the Student Resources Tab (at top of page). Look at left-hand tabs to find ‘Print Schedule’ or ‘My Account Summary’. Access your term, then use your browser to print screen.

 How current is the information on myTRU?

myTRU is interacting directly with the TRU administrative information system, so data is available immediately as it is entered or updated in the system.

 I believe someone else is using my account. What should I do?

Anytime you suspect that your myTRU username or password has been compromised in any way, change your Password immediately. If you think your record may have been tampered with, contact the Registrar’s Office at 250-828-5036 or on-campus go to Old Main Building, Room 1155.

 Will TRU be contacting me directly through the TRU Outlook email account?

Yes. It is important that you check your TRU Outlook email for information regarding your registration, or official announcements from the Registrar’s office. TRU will not spam your TRU email account; messages sent will be specific to you and your program.

 Can anyone else view my information?

Without your myTRU username and password, no one can view your information. You can further protect your information by selecting the ‘logout’ option and closing the browser when you finish using myTRU.

 When can I access myTRU?

Access to myTRU is available 24 hours per day from any Internet connection. The system will occasionally be down for system maintenance and upgrades. In this event, information regarding upcoming system maintenance will be posted the myTRU login page.

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