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Proposal Tracks:

Ghost in the Machine (Applied Research track)

Seeking presenters to speak on their research with AI and Privacy/Security. The focus of this track is applied research; submissions should be focused on AI research to solve a concrete business or social problem involving privacy or information security.

Robotcop (Industrial Track)

Seeking presenters to explain the current landscape of information security with AI. What will we see in the next few years. A focus on the role of AI in any of the domains of: security risk management, security compliance management, identity and access management, data security and privacy, network and endpoint security, vulnerability management, cloud security, security threat detection, forensics is what we're after. Presentations should be vendor agnostic. Vendor-specific speaking opportunities are available through the various vendor sponsorship packages available.

Heart of Silicon (Privacy, Ethics, Society Track)

Speakers from all business, sociological and scientific backgrounds are invited to present arguments for or against the use of AI in privacy/security. How will AI help us? How will we be harmed? Thought provoking submissions that either warn of the abuses, or champion the benefits, are of particular interest.


All tracks will be 40 minutes presentation including 10 minutes for Q & A. Speakers will have the option of presenting in-person or remotely via video conferencing. We are seeking high quality and engaging presentations, so everyone from anywhere is encouraged to submit. However, due to the limited spots available, a preference will be towards those who are regional and able to present in person.

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