Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Information Security Committee


The TRU Information Security Committee supports the University’s mission by providing oversight and prioritization of information security issues through the review and, upon the request of the appropriate governing body, development of information security policies, procedures, and guidelines.

Goals and Functions

  • Improve the University’s information security awareness and posture.
  • Seek to ensure that appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability are maintained for all of the University’s information assets.
  • Review draft Security Policies and make recommendations to the President’s Council.
  • Seek to ensure appropriate levels of support and funding are made available for information security initiatives.
  • Review Security Audit findings and make recommendations.
  • Review and approve an annual Information Security presentation to the President’s Council.
  • Raise security related issues on behalf of constituents.
  • Recommend actions to ensure compliance with Security Policy.
  • Review and make recommendations in response to significant information security incidents.
  • Provide oversight for the development of an Information Security Incident Response Plan.
  • Provide oversight for the development of a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan.


  • General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
  • Associate Vice-President, Finance
  • Director, Facilities Services
  • Associate Vice-President & Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services
  • FOIPOP Coordinator
  • Manager Information Security
  • Director, Risk Management Services
  • Associate Vice-President, Strategic Enrolment & University Registrar
  • One faculty representative selected by Senate
  • One student representative

Secretarial Support

  • ITS Administrative Assistant