Wireless Guest Accounts

Only TRU faculty/staff may request a guest account for someone who will be on campus and wishes to use the TRU wireless network. This request can be processed through the wifiportal or be sent by email to the IT Serivce Desk.

TRU Wireless accounts are created for specific individuals for a specified amount of time. Once the account has expired, it will be removed from our network.

The process is:

Send an email to ITServiceDesk@tru.ca requesting a wireless account for (guest's name) for the period (indicate start date and end date) that the account is required for. The account information will be returned to you within 36 hours, or if you need it urgently, follow-up your email with a call to the IT Service Desk at 250-852-6800.

Note: If the guest is from another BC/Alberta university they may have an Eduroam wireless account which will work at TRU.

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