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What is eduroam?

Eduroam is a collaborative network that allows students, staff, researchers and faculty to access wireless services at participating higher education institutions across Canada and around the world, without the need for obtaining a guest account. It allows a user visiting another institution to log-in using the same credentials they would at his or her home institutions.

Manual configuration instructions

Setting up your connection this way is only required if your device is unable to automatically discover the necessary settings




Who can log into eduroam at TRU?

Staff, students and faculty at an institution participating in EduRoam are able to log in to eduroam at TRU. This includes UBC, SFU, UVic, BCIT, and TRU as well as a growing number of other institutions across Canada ( and the world ( Likewise, TRU students, staff and faculty may use the eduroam wireless services provided by participating institutions.

What are the technical requirements for users visiting TRU?

TRU eduroam supports WPA or WPA2 operation with TKIP or AES encryption. Users must have a compatible wireless adapter with up-to-date drivers and current patches installed for their computer's operating system. An EAP client must also be installed. The exact EAP type (TTLS, TLS, PEAP, etc) will be that of the user’s home institution. For example, if a user is visiting from University X and normally uses an EAP supplicant configured for EAP-TTLS at their home institution, this same configuration should be used to access EduRoam at the TRU campus.

What are the technical requirements for TRU users visiting other universities?

The technical requirements for accessing eduroam at other institutions will vary, however the very minimum will be a WPA/TKIP compatible wireless adapter. An 802.1x supplicant is also required and must be configured for TKIP/AES, PEAP, and MSCHAPv2.

How do I get support for eduroam at TRU?

Users visiting TRU from other institutions are required to get eduroam support from their home institution, not TRU. Likewise, TRU students, staff and faculty visiting other institutions must get support for eduroam from TRU IT Services.

What are my responsibilities as an eduroam user?

You must abide by TRU's Acceptable Use Policy as well as your home institutions AUP.

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