Sending a Fax

Staff sending a fax from your computer

Installing the fax printer

The new Toshiba multi-function printers with a fax option have the capability to send a fax directly from your computer without having to print and then fax the document. The method is the same as selecting a printer (except that it is a fax) that you would use to send the document from your screen.

Note: Not all Toshiba multi-function devices have this option.

Faxing the document

Click on File Print and Select the Toshiba_fax printer. Click on Printer Properties (below printer name)


Click on Yes to install. This will add another printer to your printers list.


Click on "New" button
On the Send Tab enter the destination fax number.
Enter the Fax number. Use 4-digit dialling just like when sending on campus, otherwise use the same numbers that you would use when making a phone call off campus. Remember to use 9-250-852-xxxx for a local number or 9-1-604-xxx-xxxx when dialling long distance.

Click on the Cover Sheet Tab to complete the Subject and Message information. You may want to include your signature information in the Message Text, so it at least identifies you and Thompson Rivers University (see sample result below)
Click OK, OK to send the fax.

Please note that the fax cover page is very plain and there are no settings that we can add or adjust on this product.

This is an example of what will be sent by the Standard cover page option, the other cover page options are very much the same.

To check to see that the fax sent properly, check the fax sent options on the multi-function device as this will confirm transmission complete or show an error code.

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