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Cellphone FAQ's

I’m not getting email, what can I do?

Check to make sure that wi-fi is turned on.  If the battery is run too low the phone will turn off wi-fi to save power and it needs to be turned on again manually after it’s charged.

I haven’t received any new email for a few days, what can I do?

If your network password was reset at TRU recently, it will need to be entered on your phone. For an iphone, go to Settings, Mail, Accounts, Exchange (your TRU email), Account – enter your new password in the password field.
If your password has not been reset, check to make sure the wireless service (3G, 4G, LTE) is enabled. It may need to re-establish its’ connection with the cellular provider. This can be done by performing a complete power down for ~30 seconds and then power up to see if the issue has been resolved.

Why is the number of unread messages on my cellphone different than in Outlook?

The number of unread email messages shown on your cellphone includes all unread messages in all folders. Also, it is set to sync a certain timeframe so if your phone is set to sync 1 week, it will not show unread email messages older than that.

Can I access Outlook email on my personal cellphone?

Yes, this is possible but it requires that your phone be encrypted with a passcode. You can add an account to your cellphone but the costs are yours and may be expensive if you receive/send a lot of data. See Setup Instructions
Note: You may find it easier to use your web browser to access webmail at

What is "Emergency Call"?

When a cellphone is locked, there is a menu that appears when it is woken up - one of the options is 'Emergency Call'. When this is selected, it places a call to 911. If you press this accidentally, stay on the phone and tell them it was an accident and there is no emergency. If you hang up, the 911 Centre will call back to make sure everything is ok but that ties them up when they could be helping others.

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