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Phones & Voicemail

The following documents will help you to use your VOIP telephone and setting up your voicemail:

To call a voice mail box directly

At any campus phone dial 7* , wait for the voice mail to say hello, then press * again and the local # of the person who's voice mail box you want to leave a message on. You will be connected directly to that persons voice mail box where you can leave your message.

To transfer a call directly to a voice mail box

Press the transfer key, then dial 7*, wait for the voice mail to say hello, then press * again and dial the local # and then hang up.

Telephone and Telbook — moves, adds, and changes procedure:

When staff or faculty require changes to a telephone local location, listing or voice mail, they should contact the divisional secretary or administrative assistant to have them make the request with all the required information as shown below.

To make telephone and/or telbook changes we require the following information:

  • Where did the previous user go .... retired, on sabbatical, quit, sharing or moved?
  • If moved, to which new location? Where did that previous user go? Any additional information if necessary.
  • Require local number(s) involved and room #(s) moving from and to. (This can get quite involved and the secretary is often the person who will know.)
  • If users are sharing do they require a treed voice mail box?
  • Is the user on a sabbatical? Do they require access to their voice mail box for messages during their leave?

This information will greatly speed up our ability to complete the request in a timely manner. 

Requests for Telbook changes/updates should be directed to by the divisional secretary or administrative assistant.

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