Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Computer Lease Replacements


Service Description

To manage the installation and replacement of the TRU Lease replacement program for student labs, staff, and faculty. Computers are leased for a 4 year period.

Activities Include:
  • Correspond with TRU clients about the replacement of their computers and coordinate a schedule for the exchange of equipment to take place.
  • Place orders for equipment in advance of replacement cycle.
  • Coordinate the activities with the Desktop Management service provider to install and replace Lease computers in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the procedure with Financial Leasing service provider to identify new computer equipment purchases, lease timeframes, and return of equipment to leasing company.
  • Work closely with both service providers to ensure that all required activities are documented and verified to ensure accuracy and validate associated charges.
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Supported Hardware

Who to Contact

Rita Hodge 250-852-6326 Lease Management Clerk

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