Computer Lease Replacements


Service Description

To manage the installation and replacement of the TRU Lease replacement program for student labs, staff, and faculty. Computers are leased for a 4 year period.

Activities Include:
  • Correspond with TRU clients about the replacement of their computers and coordinate a schedule for the exchange of equipment to take place.
  • Place orders for equipment in advance of replacement cycle.
  • Coordinate the activities with the Desktop Management service provider to install and replace Lease computers in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the procedure with Financial Leasing service provider to identify new computer equipment purchases, lease timeframes, and return of equipment to leasing company.
  • Work closely with both service providers to ensure that all required activities are documented and verified to ensure accuracy and validate associated charges.
Who to Contact

Rita Hodge 250-852-6326 Lease Management Clerk

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