Request a virtual server


Service Description

To manage virtual servers provisioning and support.

Requests are made via the IT Service Desk.  Network and Technical Services will review requests for a virtual server and respond as quickly as possible.

Please provide the reason you require the server, what operating system and other applications are required, and when it is needed by (provisioning may take between 2 to 6 weeks)

Note - A security and privacy assessment will be done. This assessment will determine what additional security / privacy measures are required.

At present we can only provide Linux and Windows Servers.

Activities Include:
  • Plan new implementations, replacements, and updates of TRU network servers that provide repositories for network applications and data.
  • Monitor and manage the data stores on servers to ensure growth is managed and expandability is planned as required
  • Provide backups of corporate systems and data.
  • Install and upgrade equipment as planned. 
Who to Contact

IT Service Desk at 250-852-6800 or email

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