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Request Remote Access for a contractor


Service Description

Request TRU Guest access to Remote Access of network resources

IT Services introduces a web application that enables faculty, staff, and students to access their TRU network drive data as well as access applications that are normally only available when on campus. The intended purpose is for those who need access to their network drives from off campus, or those who are connected to the wireless network while on campus. TRU Remote Access web application provides a method for remote and secure access to data files from TRU network drives. It does not connect directly to the drives as you would when you are on campus, but does allow you to download/upload desired files to the local computer.

Activities Include:
  • Based on the information provided in an ASAR form, setup special account for a contractor to access specific location on TRU Network.
Link to more information

Remote Access to your TRU accounts

Who to Contact

IT Service Desk at or 250-852-6800 or 1-888-852-8533

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