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Review access type

TRU Remote Access provides two levels of access depending on the computer you are connecting from:

Check the top bar of the TRU Remote Access screen. If you see:

Level 1 (Full Network Access) – If your computer has an approved virus protection and firewall program that is supported, as well as a current version of Sun Java Runtime Environment (JRE), you will have access from your computer to the network as you would in your office if you are TRU staff or faculty person and in the computer labs if you are a TRU student.

Zone: AntiVirusFirewall

You now have full network access and are able to run programs and connect to TRU systems as if you were in your Office or in a Computer lab provided you have the applicable software loaded on the local computer.

If you see:

Level 2 (Web and client/server) – If your computer doesn’t have virus and firewall protection supported by TRU Remote Access you will get web proxy access to a limited set of applications.

Zone: Default Zone

You can access the list of displayed web links.

If you feel your system is configured to allow full network access and you aren’t getting access you may be able to find additional information by clicking “Details”.  Also try the troubleshooting tips.

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