Staff Outlook Tutorial Videos

For indepth videos on Outlook 2016 visit Lynda's Outlook 2016 tutorial. Be sure to sign in through TRU's Lynda authentication page first to be able to access these videos.

The below videos require Microsoft Silverlight.

 Outlook 2013
 Outlook 2010

Outlook Lesson 1

  • Finding Everyday Commands in Outlook 2010
  • Create and Send Messages
  • Read and Respond to Messages
  • Print and Set Outlook Options
  • Get around in your Calendar
  • Search and Find in Outlook 2010
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Outlook Lesson 2

  • Better than just date arrangment
  • Introducing Date Conversations
  • Reading the Conversation Map
  • Acting Conversationally
  • Switching Views and Using Search
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Outlook Lesson 3

  • Calendar Basics
  • Create Meetings
  • Create Recurring Meetings
  • Set Tasks and Reminders
  • Use Colour categories and follow-up flags
  • Set all-day events and free busy data
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Outlook Lesson 4

  • Creating Email Signature
  • More ways to use Signatures
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Outlook Lesson 5

  • Automatically reply to Email Messages
  • Send replies with other types of Mail Accounts
  • Use Rules with your Automatic Replies
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