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 What is OneDrive for Business?

This is your personal document library within OneTRU Intranet - the place to keep your work documents and other files.

When you store your files on OneDrive for Business only you can see them, but you can easily share them with coworkers and access them from your mobile device. More here

OneDrive for Business is different from OneDrive, which is intended for personal storage separate from the workplace.

OneDrive for Business is also different from your team site (once you belong to one), which is intended for storing team or project related documents.

What are the quota limits for OneDrive for Business and Team Documents?

OneDrive for Business (personal storage on OneTRU) storage is 2GB. Team Document storage is 3GB. Individual files stored in OneTRU are limited to 50 MB.

 What kind of sites can be requested?

Team, Committee and Project sites.

 What kind of sites are NOT offered at this time?
  • TRU Extranet Sites - at this time, TRU does not offer collaboration with external users. Only individuals who have an Network account have access.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Publishing Sites
 How do i request a team and/or committee site?

Complete a OneTRU Site Request form. Your request will be considered and a response will be provided within 7 days/weeks.

All new site requests go through a site request process and review for approval.

Criteria to be reviewed will consider is the site objective is in alignment with the goals of the OneTRU Intranet at the University (see the OneTRU Intranet Governance document).

 How can I use SharePoint Designer?

TRU has not enabled the SharePoint 2013 Designer functionality.

 Why does a SharePoint URL contain "%20"?

A space in any site name, web part, document, list, library, or other file is converted into "%20" in the URL. This can increase the length of your URL.

To avoid this, keep names of sites, lists/libraries, and other files short and omit spaces.

 Who can access SharePoint sites?

Sites must be accessed via your TRU ID and network/outlook password. Anonymous access is not allowed. By default, only the site collection owners can access a newly created site.

 How is access to SharePoint sites granted?

Once a site is requested and created, the Site Owner (full access) will provide/grant access to Visitors (read only) and/or Members (contributors).

 What are SharePoint groups?

SharePoint groups only manage access for people within a SharePoint site collection.

Active Directory groups are preferred since they can be used to grant access to multiple site collections and communicate to site users via email or Skype for Business.

 What browsers are supported by SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 supports several commonly used web browsers. 

However, IT Services has found certain web browsers can cause some functionality to be downgraded and/or limited.  Internet Explorer is the recommended browser for working within the OneTRU Intranet.  Alternatively, Chrome may be used.  Mozilla Firefox is not recommended due to limited functionality.

I have question / I need some help

Questions about OneTRU, its features, or how it can be used in your department should directed to

Problems or issues with OneTRU should be directed through the IT Service Desk at or call 250-852-6800 or 1-888-852-8533 or request support from the listed Site Owner within your OneTRU Team Site.

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