Microsoft 365 Training

What kinds of training are available for Staff and Students?

TRU is working to provide all of our staff and students the ability to leverage the benefits of Microsoft 365. Ensuring that working and learning at a distance is as easy as possible with the ongoing pandemic. Microsoft 365 has some awesome features to help out with this, including some cool advanced features. Take a look at the training schedule and links below to learn how!

TRU Training Schedule

Microsoft hosts regular training sessions at TRU for Microsoft 365 users. These are a great resource for learning the basics or for building your skillset with more advanced features. Just signup and watch using Microsoft Teams! A training schedule for this, along with recordings of past sessions is available for TRU staff here

Learning Pathways

We've gone ahead and created some custom learning pathways to help guide you through your Microsoft journey. These training resources are kept up-to-date by Microsoft so you always get the most relevant content.  Check them out on our SharePoint site or follow one of the direct links below:  

Additional Training Links:

  • Microsoft has done a great job of curating a variety of training resources. You are encouraged to check them on the Microsoft website.
  • Kevin Stratvert, a former Microsoft employee, has an excellent collection of training and instructional youtube videos on Microsoft 365 here.
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