Microsoft 365 Mailbox Migration

Why does my mailbox need to be migrated to the cloud?

As part of our move to Microsoft 365 our email storage is being moved from on-premise storage to a cloud storage solution. This will help improve security, ensure guaranteed uptime of the email service, and easier access to it for you from anywhere. The migration will not have any significant impact on your email, however not all data can be easily migrated. Please see the Pre-Migration section below, or the email you will receive a week before your account is migrated, for information and how to help us out. This will ensure your migration is as painless as possible!


 When will I be migrated to Microsoft 365 and what do I need to do before then?

Mailbox migrations are currently ongoing from our on-premise storage to the cloud. Currently we expect all the staff mailboxes to be moved over by the end of October, but this date could change with circumstances. The move will happen gradually during this time, and individuals will get an email notification prior to being moved with some instructions to help the transition go smoothly. Namely there is some data that may not move to your new cloud mailbox, and we want to ensure nothing is lost in the process. Please see the Pre-Migration Checklist and the information included in the email to make the process go as smoothly as possible. All your emails and attachments will be moved but deleting any old or unneeded emails will help clean up your mailbox and make the move much faster!



 Pre-Migration Checklist

Pre-Migration Checklist

Download the fillable version here:

Employee Pre-Migration Checklist


 How will I know if my migration is complete and what do I need to do once it is?

There may be little to no change on your end once your migration is complete, so it may not become immediately visible. Please see the Post-Migration Checklist below for some very helpful information. Please note if you have Outlook open when you are migrated, you may be prompted to restart it, which is normal. In addition, once you are migrated, you will likely need to convert over any personal devices (for example mobile phones). To do so checkout this link here. If you would like to check for sure if you are migrated, try to sign in at with your work credentials. If you can sign in without being redirected your account has been successfully migrated. 

 Post-Migration Checklist

Image of the Employee Post-Migration Checklist

Download the fillable version:

Employee Post-Migration Checklist

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