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Digital Signatures

This page has been moved to our new Knowledge Base. Information about Digital Signatures can be found here.

Digital signature tools utilizes either web based or software installed on your computer to enable you to sign a document electronically.

More information on individual digital signature tools can be found below.


The DocuSign platform provides electronic signature technology and digital transaction management services for facilitating electronic exchanges of contracts and signed documents.

DocuSign provides some excellent videos on how to get started:

In addition, TRU has created a Basic User guide.

Please see the instructions for Setup


Adobe Acrobat signature using Adobe PDF. Not to be confused with Adobe Sign. It allows electronic signature and the ability to add text, such as your name, company title and date.

Please see the instructions for Setup


  DocuSign Adobe
Description A web based electronic
signature software package
using your TRU credentials to
login with. When an individual
sends an envelope, it is
a link to the document that is
stored on a Canadian server.
An electronic signature
using Adobe PDF. 
you save the document,
the signature and 
any text added 
become part of the PDF.
Features  Handwritten or Automatically
  generated signature

Sign from anywhere
Automatic Reminders 

Generate Reports 

Add reusable Templates 
Handwritten or Automatically
   generated signature

Sign from anywhere 
Typical Use  Lawful and court-admissible
Signing general documents
that would normally be
filled out by simply signing
a piece of paper.
TRU Recommended Use  Recommended for signing
documents that may carry
potential risk, PI data or when
dealing with medium-high cost investments.
Key requisitions, time
approvals, and expense forms.
What do I need?  An email address to receive
documents for signature.
A DocuSign account to send
documents for signature which
is free to TRU employees.
Adobe Acrobat which is
available free to TRU
Security  DocuSign currently provides
the most secure form of digital
 Complies with
TRU Privacy and Security

TRU and Digital Signatures - One Page Reference Guide

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