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TRU Academic Technologies Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

1.    Mission

The TRU Academic Technologies Advisory Committee (ATAC) is the senior advisory body for academic technologies at TRU and serves three important roles:
  1. To identify, prioritize and monitor the applications, services, and technologies required by Academic Faculty, Schools and Divisions to meet the new Academic Plan;
  2. Act as an academic technology advisory to the Associate Vice-President, Digital Strategies and CIO (CIO) and;
  3. Support Digital Champions within the Academic Faculty, Schools and Divisions.

2.    Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Academic Technologies Advisory Committee
  • Identify, prioritize and monitor academic computing applications, services, and technologies;
  • Advise Deans, Faculty, Schools and Academic Divisions on academic computing priorities including proposals for new applications, services and technologies;
  • Assist the CIO in determining academic computing priorities and deliverables;
  • Assist the CIO in determining and identifying project risk, financial liability, and project completion.
  • Members are responsible for maintaining open communications between their academic units and ATAC with respect to decisions and initiatives.

3.    Membership

Membership of the Academic Technology Advisory Committee is intended to be inclusive of the wider University community and thus will consist of:


  • Faculty Member

Member or Designate

  • Two TRU Deans or their Designate
  • Director, Regional Campuses
  • Open Learning Faculty Member
  • One Academic Representative from each faculty, school and academic division (should be solicited from the respective deans and academic councils)
  • One Student Representative nominated or recommended by TRUSU Caucus
  • University Librarian
  • Director, Innovation
  • Associate Vice-President, Digital Strategies & CIO
  • Coordinator, Educational Technology
  • Dean or Assistant Dean of Students


  • Office of the Associate Vice-President, Digital Strategies & CIO.
  • Invited members as required

4.    Meetings

Frequency and scheduling of meetings

  • The Chair will schedule at least three (3) meetings each calendar year.  Additional meetings may be held at the discretion of the Chair, depending upon the workload of the Committee.


The Committee will be guided by the following indicators of good practice:

  • Papers for the Committee will be distributed to members at least four (4) working days prior to the meeting.
  • Minutes will be taken at each meeting, and confirmed at the following meetings.  All corrections to minutes must be tabled at the meeting.
  • Decisions taken at meetings will be noted and the minutes will be distributed to Committee members within two weeks of the committee meeting.
  • A minimum two weeks’ notice will be given for additional meeting.
  • The TRU community can find the minutes for this Committee on the OneTRU website.
  • The term of the chair is three years from the date of appointment.
  • The term of each member is 2 – 3 years from the date of appointment.
  • A representative from member areas can be designated to attend the meetings if the member is unavailable.
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