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Digital Strategy

TRU Digital


TRU will continue to actively leverage Digital capabilities in support of its teaching, research, and service missions.

Digital Strategy Vision

The Student Experience

We are focused on implementing systems of engagement that help students succeed. Examples of this include a new responsive design portal and personalized messaging and notifications.

Student success

Digital pervades every student support process and provides enriched educational experiences to enable student success.

Faculty and digital technologies

We provide the digital tools, professional development, and support required for faculty in their teaching and research. We actively engage with faculty to support digital champions at TRU and we promote a culture of innovation and digital fluency. Digital enables location-independent work and provides support for pedagogical innovation.

Supporting digital research

TRU has a state-of-the-art cyber infrastructure that enables innovative research. TRU researchers have access to high-speed research networks, low cost storage capability, high-performance computing on campus, and with WestGrid, next generation wireless and sensor networks access.

Connecting conversations

We take an enterprise view on social media conversations to ensure engagement and support for students. This is linked with the TRU Brand by using predictive analytics. We look beyond email to enable collaboration across all constituencies.

Security and privacy by design

We know that the privacy of our community members is essential so we design our systems with security and privacy in mind.

Better together

We build bridges between our culturally diverse students, schools, faculties, and administrative units to enhance collaboration and innovation. We support tools for knowledge sharing.

Reinventing IT

We work hard to advance the relationship between the IT team and the rest of the university. We encourage development opportunities for IT staff so that they can continue to play a leading role in TRU’s transformation.

We use DevOps and Agile methodologies to deliver Value fast, in a bi-modal operating model that encourages innovation, experimentation, and the opportunity and culture to fail quickly and pivot while maintaining core system stability. We use Agile techniques and get to Value quickly, using low cost, cloud technologies. We make sure all new solutions work on the myriad devices that students and employees use.

Smart spaces

We use Digital to minimize our environmental footprint and ensure our physical plant resources are optimized. We are at the dawn of smart campus and cities, and Sustainability, Facilities, and IT teams are working together to leverage our technologies in order to save energy and get the best use out of our campus. Digital learning delivery is an important consideration for any new space design and we are working towards next generation learning spaces.

Data insight

We provide data inspired insights by analyzing the massive amounts of data we create in order to encourage effective decisions and enable better student support, interventions, and engagement.

Digital solution delivery

Our business process management team continuously automates and transforms business processes so that the focus remains on high value activities that promote student, faculty, and staff success.

Effective digital requires a rethink of many aspects of our work including:

  • Smart purchasing to ensure that the technologies purchased with our limited resources have the widest impact and value.
  • Effective contract and vendor management.
  • Integration of new technologies within the greater enterprise architecture so everyone benefits.
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