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IT Services Administration

The Administration:

  • Collaborates with TRU stakeholders and ITS management to develop the IT Services (ITS) vision and strategy.  The Instructional Development and Support Committee of the TRU Senate and the IT Governance Committees play a key role in the collaborative process;
  • Communicates ITS plans and progress to students, faculty and staff, executives and other stakeholders;
  • Addresses the organizational and budget requirements to meet the ITS vision and strategy;
  • Manages the centralized Project Management Office (PMO) and through that office, develops relationships with project stakeholders;
  • Oversees the Information Security Program and Office;
  • Is responsible for managing and maintaining the Risk Management Plan, Incident Response and the Disaster Recovery Plan;
  • Provides administrative support for the ITS division;
  • And, develops and maintains operational policy as it relates to TRU's use of IT services. The foundation policy for IT Services is the "Responsible Use of IT Facilities and Services".
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